Monday, August 27, 2012

1st day of 1st grade

Day one of 1st grade...check!

It was a great day for Jacob. I was a little concerned when he started crying Sunday night about being scared to go to school. He ALWAYS enters new situations with much caution. We met Ms. Lewis on Friday at meet-the-teacher which seemed to help him some. She is wonderful. She has been teaching for 20+ years and is so kind, gentle and caring. She called Jacob on Sunday to let him know she was excited about their first day together and couldn't wait to see him. What a special way for her to reach out to her students. Despite the tears Sunday night, when he woke up Monday morning he was in a great mood. He never cried, never complained about having to go and only said "I'm nervous about school today."  Once we talked through it he seemed better. He was a great sport through the pictures and I was so proud of him for having a good attitude despite being nervous about the unknown of the day ahead. Huge progress from this time last year! :-)
1st day of Kinder- 2011- look at that baby face!
1st day of 1st- 2012- look at that big boy face!

He chose a dinosaur backpack and a Mario lunchbox this year. 

The cool dude pose- 2012

The cool dude pose- 2011

And what would pictures of Jacob be without a silly one?? He just can't help himself!

Doesn't he look much more comfortable in this sitting position? He said he needed a break from all the pictures! Lol!



Big man on campus

Jacob and Ms. Lewis

It turns out Ms. Lewis loves Disney. So much so that she has Mickey ears and other Disney characters as part of her classroom decorations. At meet-the-teacher, Jacob shared with her that we too love Disney. She told him that she would love to see some picture from our trip. So I printed off a couple over the weekend and he was able to show her the pictures before school started. She asked him if he would share those with the class later. I think it made him feel special! :)

Welcome to Ms. Lewis' Magic Kingdom of Learning!  

Play-Doh was the first activity of the day.

This is the same book that we read the night before. He recognized it right away in his classroom. 

A little gift on the eve of his first day!

One big difference this year is the students sit at desks instead of tables. A fun change for them! When we were walking out I looked back and he was happily playing with his Play-Doh. I'm so thankful we could leave and feel good about the drop off. I felt great and was just so excited for him. I knew he had a great day ahead of him. 
Jim and I were both so thrilled to see this plaque on one of Ms. Lewis'
book shelves-makes my heart smile!
"I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me"
Philippians 4:13
Good for Ms. Lewis for having the courage to display this in a public school! Makes me like her even more!!

When we got home he was very eager to show me a few things from his backpack.

Sweet guy was tired after school! Once he rested for a bit, he was ready to go and enjoyed playing with Luke and Sarah for the rest of the afternoon. I think they missed each other! 

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  1. I love the 1st day recap!! You did a great job of capturing pictures and all the events of the day. And I think I love Mrs. Lewis, too, ha! What an amazing teacher to make phone calls like that, and I love how welcoming and loving she was to Jacob on his 1st day. What a blessing to have such wonderful teachers 2 years in a row! I'm SO happy for Jacob that it was such a great day and a perfect start to the new year!