Saturday, August 25, 2012

End of Summer

I don't know about you all, but we have been packing in lots of end-of-summer activities these last few weeks. With school starting August 27, we have been taking full advantage of our last summer days together. Our last few weeks have included:

~a trip to Chuck E Cheese (the boys LOVE it there)
~play time at the park with friends
~several mall play dates
~kid swap with Jackie and her boys
~made and decorated cookies
~practicing baseball with Jacob at the baseball fields (he loves his baseball)
~Jacob and I had a "date" and went to the movies and saw Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Dog Days and are        now reading the book together.
~back to school haircuts for the boys
~swimming at our neighborhood pool
~special trip to get new tennis shoes for the boys
~special trip to pick out new backpacks and lunch boxes
~playing the Wii (we downloaded the old Super Mario Bros, you know the one we played as kids. The boys think it's so cool that I used to play that one so they have been asking me to play with them.)
~I decided to take the kids to Legoland in Grapevine one day and we had a great time. Jim and I tried to do it one weekend but the timing just didn't work out. The boys had so much they didn't want to leave. Here are a few pictures: (sadly my camera is about to go kaput so I have only a few pictures taken with my phone.)

No fear. No fear. 

The boys spent over an hour building and racing their race cars. I had to drag them away from the track to do some other things. 

Jacob has been asking me, practically all summer long, if they could have a lemonade stand. The real deal not just a pretend one. I've put him off several times because honestly it's been too hot to sit outside and I haven't quite had the energy to pull it all together. But since the weather has cooled off a bit, I thought we should do this before school started back. They were so excited when I told them we could do it this weekend. Once we got it all ready, I sent out a text to all of our Prosper friends giving them a heads up. We don't get a lot of traffic on our street so I was worried we wouldn't have many customers. However, it ended up being a great success and the boys had fun doing it all.

The boys helping make the sign. I wrote the letters in pencil and the boys traced them with our paint markers...with a little help from me of course! :)

Making the poster board with the price.
Lemonade .50
Brownies .50

First official lemonade stand. 

Every time I turned around they were either drinking the lemonade or eating the brownies. :)

Luke and their friend, Matthew who came to get some goodies. 

Counting the total...$26.00. Not so sure I ever made $26 at one of my lemonade stands when I was a kid, or even came close. Everyone was so generous. Letting the boys keep the change and several people stopped by and just donated money. One lady gave them $5 just because. So nice. 

Whew! It's been a busy last few weeks. I have some great memories with my sweet kiddos. We've had a great summer. Part of me hates to see the summer come to an end but the other part of me is ready to get back into a routine, get everyone back on schedule and prepare for the next phase of life...a 1st grader, a Pre-K4 boy and an energetic 2 year old! Thank you Jesus for my amazing family, my amazing children and the precious time I get to spend with them! Love. Love. Love!


  1. Wow, they did great at their lemonade sale! So sweet all the people that helped them out! :) Legoland looks like such a blast! It's wonderful yall got to do so many fun activities at the end of summer.

  2. $26!! Sounds like I need to do my own lemonade stand to earn some spending money, ha! What a fun idea -- you are such a great Mommy for letting the kids do that! And yes, I can see that you packed in a TON of end of summer activities so I'm sure you were more than ready for school! I'm still so sad that I didn't get to see you guys in Houston. I guess we should work on planning our Christmas time visit so that we can make sure we don't get too busy!