Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's a...


I still can't make out this picture like I could with the boys. But in the sonogram technician's own words "Yes, this is definitely a girl!" We are taking her word for it! :)

We are thrilled to be adding a sweet baby girl to the family. And more importantly we are thrilled and very blessed that everything measured and checked out just perfect with her. It really is such a relief to know she is growing like she should be.

Just look at that sweet little profile and her arm in the air

Here's the belly at 20 weeks

The boys love my expanding belly

After the appointment I had to go to Wal-Mart to get a few things. Of course I walked right past the baby clothes and just had to pick up a little something girlie. And no, it's not pink. They didn't have her size in pink so I got yellow! I can only imagine sweet little Sarah in this come August/September.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Boy or Girl

What will it be...a baby boy or a baby girl? We go for the sonogram on Tuesday at 8:30am. Yes, that's right, the first appointment of the day. Can you tell we are anxious, eager and excited to see what our future holds!!

We are going to take both boys with us so they can be there when we find out. Jacob asks me about 2-3 times a day how many more days until we find out. He's so excited. He has always referred to the baby as she/her and so I've been telling him a lot lately that it's up to God on what we have and he might give us another boy. Jacob's response "Well, I bet God is thinking, Jacob already has a brother so I'll give him a sister." If it is a boy at least we have 5 months to prepare Jacob, could be tough! :)

Will it be another sweet baby boy or will it be a sweet baby girl? We would be thrilled either way...another boy to have a complete set of 3 or a girl to change it up and add some sugar and spice to our life.

For a little fun, what do YOU think it's gonna be and when do you predict Baby Webb #3 will arrive. Hint #1: Due date August 11 Hint #2: Water broke at week 37 with both boys. These predictions are always fun to add to the baby book so let me know what you think.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Seeing the light

The painters finished today! Yea! Everything looks great and I'm so happy with all the colors. We were out at the house off and on today from 10-5:30...long day. But the boys were great and I actually got a little cleaning done while Luke took a little nap amongst a room full of boxes...

...and Jacob helped me clean the kitchen cabinets. Yes, I'm still cleaning these, so dirty. Jacob said he wanted some work gloves like mine and he wore them for a little while and then said "I'm going to take off my gloves, I can't get a good grip on my towel. Now I can clean these in a jiffy." I had to laugh out loud at this one!

Here are a few before and after pictures of the new paint...the living room before, green

Living room after...


Laundry room before...

Laundry room after...I think I'm the most excited about the blue in the laundry room...lovin' it!

Half bath before

Half bath after...I thought it would be fun to do stripes here, my second favorite room...

Our room

Our bath before...

Our bath after...


Boys room

I forgot to take a picture of the guest room and bath and the game room, which turned out really fun! It will make for a fun playroom for the kids. I'll post that one next time.

I'm feeling a little better about the shape the house is in. We are seeing the light. The carpet is getting put in tomorrow. The new ceiling fans, light fixtures in the kitchen and a little tile work will be done on Friday. I think we will be done with the major stuff after that. Just on to the little stuff, but when does that ever really end??

Monday, March 15, 2010

Work in Progress

Well, we closed on the house in Prosper last Friday! Yea! We closed at 9am and the paint crew were at the house by 1:00 getting started. They seemed very eager to get going. The house is a wreck now! It makes me SO thankful we have these 2 weeks to get all of this work done. I can't imagine living in the house while this was all being done, especially with 2 small kids. It's so hard to imagine that in 2 short weeks it will be ready for us to move into. There is a lot of work to do before now and then but they should be done with the paint by Wednesday. So I'll have some new pictures later in the week. Until then, here is the house now...what a mess!

Master bath, wallpaper gone and ready for the texture

Half Bath, wallpaper gone and ready for the texture

Jack and Jill bath

My Mom and I worked in the kitchen over the weekend cleaning out cabinets and laying shelf paper. Thanks again Mom for your help! :) The cabinets were disgusting!!! You can tell they weren't cleaned often. The cabinets under the island were do dirty, I had to buy some rubber gloves to wear while cleaning!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The life of a 2 year old

It seems like overnight, my little Lukie went from dependent, laid back and go with the flow to...an independent, strong-willed little fella...

Gone are the days...when I could easily dress Luke and put his shoes on. HE now has to attempt to put his shirt on and attempt to put his shoes on. Which means trying for about 5 minutes then getting so frustrated that he lets me help him.

Gone are the days...when I could sit him on the bathroom counter and brush his teeth. He now has to stand on the stool and do it himself.

Gone are the days...when I could easily give him his medicine. HE now has to hold it and attempt to squeeze it into his mouth. (note all the medicine down the front of his sleeper.)

Gone are the days...when I could open a door for him and control when he could go in and out. HE has to open all doors now. He even tries to reach for the door handle for his door in the car. He stretches so far, he wants to do it so bad. But just can't quite get there.

Gone are the days...when I could easily buckle him into his car seat. HE now has to do the top latch and attempt to do the bottom latch.

Gone are the days...when I could put him into the bath tub. He climbed over the side and got in all by himself tonight.

Gone are the days...when I would give him Poly-Vi-Sol vitamins. He now takes My First Flinstones chewable vitamins and is so excited it's the same kind Jacob takes.

The list could go on. But these are the things I remembered from today. I know these things give him a sense of accomplishment and he does get the biggest smile on his face when he does something himself. Boy oh boy. My baby is growing up and it is requiring LOTS of patience from mommy.

But then he does something cute and it takes the frustrations away...

Then he eats a good dinner and it makes me feel so good that he is getting so many nutrients...(sauteed asparagus and grilled pork chops)

And then they both cuddle up to mommy for story time and it takes all the days frustrations away...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Costa Rica 2010 (107 photos), by Katherine Webb

I was able to upload our Costa Rica photo album directly from Snapfish. Click on below link and you should be able to view them! Have a great week!

Click here to view photos

Friday, March 5, 2010

Home Sweet Home

This title has a double meaning. First, we are home from our vacation to Costa Rica! We had a great time but are so happy to be home. Back in our bed, eating our food, and out of the extreme heat! We feel so thankful that we got to go on this trip. We had some great quality family time and didn't have any problems while we were gone. No one got hurt or sick and our flights were so easy. The boys did great on the plane rides and had so much fun swimming in the pool, playing in the sand and playing in the waves. They are such great travelers which makes these trips so much better! I will be posting pictures from the trip soon...as soon as I can unpack 5 suitcases full of stuff and dig my way out of the laundry. haha

The second meaning of this post is we will be closing on our new house a week from today! Wahoo! If you remember, in early February we made an offer on a house in Prosper. We weren't happy with the seller's attitude or response to our offer so we moved on. Only to look at about 20 more houses and nothing compared to this house! This house went off the market and then came back on a few days later. We took this as a sign and decide to go back and make another offer. We finally came to an agreement with the seller and are moving forward! We have set the closing date soon so that we can have 2 full weeks to get the house ready before we move in. And by ready, I mean new paint, new carpet, new light fixtures, new locks on the doors, an exterminator to come out, a serious cleaning since the house has been vacant since August...the list goes on. We luckily have an awesome contractor that our realtor recommended that will do most of this for us at a very reasonable price. We have to be out of our house March 28 so we will use most of this time to get the house ready to move in. We are thrilled beyond words that this is working out. We have loved this house from the very beginning and will make leaving our current house much easier.