Friday, March 19, 2010

Boy or Girl

What will it be...a baby boy or a baby girl? We go for the sonogram on Tuesday at 8:30am. Yes, that's right, the first appointment of the day. Can you tell we are anxious, eager and excited to see what our future holds!!

We are going to take both boys with us so they can be there when we find out. Jacob asks me about 2-3 times a day how many more days until we find out. He's so excited. He has always referred to the baby as she/her and so I've been telling him a lot lately that it's up to God on what we have and he might give us another boy. Jacob's response "Well, I bet God is thinking, Jacob already has a brother so I'll give him a sister." If it is a boy at least we have 5 months to prepare Jacob, could be tough! :)

Will it be another sweet baby boy or will it be a sweet baby girl? We would be thrilled either way...another boy to have a complete set of 3 or a girl to change it up and add some sugar and spice to our life.

For a little fun, what do YOU think it's gonna be and when do you predict Baby Webb #3 will arrive. Hint #1: Due date August 11 Hint #2: Water broke at week 37 with both boys. These predictions are always fun to add to the baby book so let me know what you think.


  1. I see in your future a precious long legged baby boy #3 - to be born on July 28 at 3:34pm. :) How's that for a guess?! Do I get points for being the first one?? :)

  2. After I heard the little girl in the pediatrician's office say, "I'm setting up a party for three Jacobs and two Sarahs," I was convinced it was a girl. I took that as a sure sign. Ha! But after seeing your sono pics at week 14, I'm leaning towards boy. So my guess is another sweet baby boy, born July 21 (Alex's original due date), at 5:54p (because both the other babies came at night, too).

    Lauri's here with me. Here's her prediction:

    Yay, I love these games! OK, I have to admit I think it's a boy too. Not sure why! And I'm going to guess a birth date of July 28 at 7:02pm. You better call/text us the MOMENT you learn the gender because I am dying to find out!!! :-)

  3. I'm going to have to guess sweet baby girl since no one else has! July 27. 7:04 pm. =)

  4. I kind of think it's a boy too. I don't know why but it's a feeling I have. A girl would be a fun surprise though. My due date guess is: July 25 at 6:54 p.m. This was fun. I'll have to do this on my blog too as it gets closer...

  5. P.S. We need a text ASAP when you find out. I'm dying to know!! I kind of hope we end up with the same sex baby again!

  6. Ok, well, based on all of the different feelings you have had with this one I'm guessing a girl! Plus the higher heart rate indicates girl sometimes :) Emily would love to have a girl in the family :)...As for date, I'm going to say August 1 at 2:00 pm. So random! Don't know where I got that from. I'm so excited to hear if it's a boy or girl! Let us know when you can!


  7. Hey girl! I already left my prediction but I wanted to say "ditto" on Dana's comment. You better call/text ASAP!! I'm on pins and needles!!!