Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The life of a 2 year old

It seems like overnight, my little Lukie went from dependent, laid back and go with the flow to...an independent, strong-willed little fella...

Gone are the days...when I could easily dress Luke and put his shoes on. HE now has to attempt to put his shirt on and attempt to put his shoes on. Which means trying for about 5 minutes then getting so frustrated that he lets me help him.

Gone are the days...when I could sit him on the bathroom counter and brush his teeth. He now has to stand on the stool and do it himself.

Gone are the days...when I could easily give him his medicine. HE now has to hold it and attempt to squeeze it into his mouth. (note all the medicine down the front of his sleeper.)

Gone are the days...when I could open a door for him and control when he could go in and out. HE has to open all doors now. He even tries to reach for the door handle for his door in the car. He stretches so far, he wants to do it so bad. But just can't quite get there.

Gone are the days...when I could easily buckle him into his car seat. HE now has to do the top latch and attempt to do the bottom latch.

Gone are the days...when I could put him into the bath tub. He climbed over the side and got in all by himself tonight.

Gone are the days...when I would give him Poly-Vi-Sol vitamins. He now takes My First Flinstones chewable vitamins and is so excited it's the same kind Jacob takes.

The list could go on. But these are the things I remembered from today. I know these things give him a sense of accomplishment and he does get the biggest smile on his face when he does something himself. Boy oh boy. My baby is growing up and it is requiring LOTS of patience from mommy.

But then he does something cute and it takes the frustrations away...

Then he eats a good dinner and it makes me feel so good that he is getting so many nutrients...(sauteed asparagus and grilled pork chops)

And then they both cuddle up to mommy for story time and it takes all the days frustrations away...


  1. Wow, you are right, Luke is just growing up before our very eyes! Such independence! You are so patient for allowing Luke to try all those things on his own. I can admit I'd probably be yelling, "No! I will do it for you!" because I just don't have the patience!

    I'm so impressed that both your boys are such great eaters. Never in a million years would mine eat asparagus, ha!

    And yes, the sweet moments at the end of each day just make us forget all about the frustrating times. Such sweet boys!!!

  2. He's such a sweet kid and eats so well! I was very impressed yesterday when he ate every piece of food on his plate and handed it to me to signal he was done! So cute!

  3. And so one chapter closes while another begins. Those transitions can be a little tough on the emotions to watch your baby grow up. Patience, too, I suppose. I think Luke has picked an opportune time, myself. Hopefully he'll be a little more proficient at some of those things by the time Baby W III arrives which will help you out in the new juggling act.

    I know the next time I see him I'm going to be blown away by all the changes in him. He's growing up... I just can't believe how the time flies.

  4. Then.... they will be off to college... then, married... then having your grandchild, who will seem to transition through each stage at an even faster pace... =) I love how much you enjoy your children, Katherine. It is such a blessing to see. Yea for Luke!!

  5. My sweet little Lukee - so big and independent now! It's so fun to see how much he's growing!

    Love you1

  6. The independence is good and bad all at once isn't it! Why do they want to do it all? I would love for someone to get me ready every morning. Haha! I've always been SO impressed with his eating. There is absolutely NO way Jackson would eat that meal. :-( He's becoming such a big boy. I can't wait for the boys to play together next year!