Sunday, September 1, 2013

Meet the Teacher

Here in Prosper, the Tuesday before school starts the kiddos receive a postcard in the mail from their new teacher for the year. And boy is it exciting. Much like last year, we happened to be out doing some end of summer activities and didn't get home to get the postcard until the evening. The suspense was killing me. Thankfully our postcards had arrived and we were once again blessed with wonderful teachers. The boys both got the teachers I wanted for them, Mrs. Jones for Jacob and Mrs. Gerhardt for Luke. We immediately stopped what we were doing and said a prayer of thanksgiving. So so thankful!

The Friday before school starts is when the kids get to meet their teacher. We went to Luke's class first. And let me just tell you when we walked into Luke's classroom, the tears immediately swelled up in my eyes. It hit me...this was going to be HIS classroom, HIS teacher, HIS desk, HIS future friends. I quickly tired to gain composure and blink away the tears. But when I realized the tears were flowing faster than I could blink them away I quickly went to start on the paperwork I needed to fill out so I could get it together. haha! All the emotions I had been having over the last few months about Luke starting Kindergarten had just all come to the surface.

That smile says it all...a little nervous, unsure and excited all at the same time!

Sweet Mrs. Gerhardt! We've heard great things about her!

She left a little treat for each student. Two Starbursts, an eraser and a Hershey's hug in a bag along with a little note. So sweet! Luke ate up the candy in no time and came home with the eraser. 

We then headed to Jacob's room. He was very excited to unpack and put away his school supplies. He likes having an organized desk. He probably asked me three times if I like how he organized his desk. haha!

His super sweet teacher, Mrs. Jones. She's an Aggie and this is her third year to teach. She actually graduated from Prosper High School. 

Organized and ready to go!

Here's to a great Kindergarten and 2nd grade year!


  1. Love the sweet pictures! I am so glad the boys both got such good teachers, they look really sweet!

  2. So thankful your boys got the teachers you wanted for them! I don't know a single teacher at our school so I guess that's one less thing for me to worry about, ha! Anyway, I just know your boys are going to have such a great year. I've been thinking about you and hoping you're handling the transition well. I'm sure you're loving the girl time with Sarah, too! Miss y'all!