Friday, February 17, 2012

Recent Happenings

Jacob recently celebrated his 100th day of Kindergarten. This is a big deal in school as 100 is an important number to those in Kindergarten. Each student was asked to decorate a shirt with 100 things. I always get a little nervous when I see assignments like this. Let's be honest here, this is homework for the parents. Coming up with the idea, shopping for the supplies, putting the project together. My first thought was to think of something that would be easy to attach to a shirt. Something that wouldn't fall off or be bothersome to Jacob throughout the day. So I thought safety pins would be easy to attach and would stay on and I thought little beads would give it some color. Jacob and I did brainstorm ideas together on what to do and he did try to help to put the beads on. But let's face it, safety pins and kids don't mix!

The classroom bulletin board was updated to reflect the focus on 100. The question was "What would you love to have 100 of?" Jacob's answer "Wii games".  To say he is enjoying his Christmas gift is an understatement!! :)
Each week a different student is featured as "Student of the Week". Jacob's turn was a few weeks ago. They are asked to fill this form out and submit two pictures to be displayed on their bulletin board. Here are his answers:
Name: Jacob Webb
Birthday: October 6
City where I was born: Denton
My favorite book: The Cat In the Hat
My favorite animal: Shark
My favorite food: candy
A person I admire: Mommy (aww!)
What I like most about our school: Recess
My wish: IPad (really?)
What I do well: Read

Jacob finished up his basketball season last weekend. The team celebrated the season with an end of season party at a local yogurt store and trophies.

Before calling Jacob up his coach described him as one of the best rebound players, good on defense and has made lots of improvement since the first game. 

The Golden Eagles
His best buddy, Brett
Luke has been a happy-go-lucky little guy lately! Always a smile on his face, happy and goes with the flow! I would say over the last month or so he really seems a little older to me. Age four is treating us well so far!

Luke has been enjoying his Lil' Sluggers class. He's been learning lots of good T-ball skills to prepare him for his first season of Spring T-ball. Can't wait for the season to start up and watch our sweet boy!


And then there's our sweet Sarah. We found out this week that she definitely is in need of tubes in her ears. She without a doubt needs them. She didn't do very well on the hearing text and when the ENT doctor looked in her ears he said, "Oh, oh yeah!" Never a good sign when you hear that from a doctor. However, I do feel very relieved. Knowing she won't be suffering through anymore ear aches, anymore tummy aches from the antibiotics, anymore restless nights and fevers gives me lots of peace. We should have the tubes in within the next two weeks.

Holding hands with her date to the Superbowl party!

Both the boys had fun Valentine's Day parties at school. Thankfully, they were at different times so I could go to both. Luke's was first at 9:00 then Jacob's at 1:30.

Jacob and his teacher, Mrs. Naber! We LOVE her!

Love this picture. They were playing a game and dancing all around!

Luke and Sarah kept themselves busy playing with different things around the room. 

Luke was very entertained!

Mrs. Naber set up a little station for all the siblings that were there. They got to decorate their own cookies. So sweet!
Love these kiddos more than I could have ever imagined!


  1. What a beautiful family you have. I don't know how you manage to juggle all of the things that your children are involved in. The picturs turned out good. All of them are smiling at the same time!

  2. I loved your idea for the 100th day of school. Might have to steal it one day. I used to watch projects come back to school with the kids and I always thought...I am NOT looking forward to doing all that. It really looks like Jacob is having an amazing Kindergarten year. You guys have been so blessed.

    Lukie has been keeping himself busy too. I can't wait to hear how his season in t-ball goes. He really is such a sweet boy.

    And Sarah - poor baby girl needing tubes. I know you will not regret it but it just stinks that she has to do it. I'm so glad she is able to tag along for all of your adventures with the boys. I've worked in a lot of schools and it's usually discouraged for younger ones to come so I just LOVE that Jacob's school is so open to it. It really makes families feel welcome.

  3. All kinds of good things!! LOVE that last photo! Beautiful, beautiful and sweet, sweet family! blessings ~ tanna

  4. Aww, kindergarten looks so fun! :) Jacob is so sweet and doing so well in school. That's so funny about the Wii games. Luke is precious as ever and love his sweet smile! And little Sarah bear is too cute in her V-day outfits! That last pic of the whole family should be framed! :)

  5. A project for 100 days of school? Might I say you did an amazing job of coming up with that clever idea, my friend. I sure hope they gave you plenty of notice because, YES, that is homework for the parents!

    I can't wait to see pictures of and hear all about Luke's upcoming adventures with T-ball. Spring is such a fun time to get outdoors and do things like that. I'm curious to see if he likes it as much as Jacob.

    Sorry to hear about Sarah-bear's tubes, but glad that she'll be more comfortable and (hopefully) avoid those nasty ear infections. She's one tough cookie, and I just know she'll do great.

    Love your family photos. I continue to be amazed at how you manage to get everyone smiling! I'm thinking that perhaps you should be in charge of getting the group photo in Destin. =)

  6. Could I be more proud of you all? My very precious littles. Alway so happy and enjoying anything they do. How very blessed they are to have you and Jim for parents. I love you all much!

  7. I love all the catch-up photos! What a neat idea for Jacob's 100-day shirt!! We had 100-day projects too, and who knew it was such a big deal?! :-)

    I just love the kids and family photos -- y'all always take good ones! I'm so thankful that Sarah's surgery was so easy for her (and you)! That is such a blessing and hopefully the tubes will start doing their job so that you can avoid so many doctor visits in your future.

    Love and miss you!