Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Jacob and the Jayhawks

If you've spent any time around Jim, you know he is a huge, passionate, life-long Kansas Jayhawk fan. His Jayhawk passion has definitely trickled down to Jacob and Luke.  A few weeks ago Jim and Jacob made a trip down to Waco to watch Baylor play Kansas in basketball. They had a great time together and enjoyed getting to bond over shared and the Jayhawks.

The Jayhawks won that night 68-54. The win definitely made the trip worth it.  After the game was over they decided to hang around for awhile to let the traffic clear out. While they were waiting, the Jayhawk's star players started walking back out on the court. Jim jumped at the opportunity to go down and meet them and of course whipped out the iphone for pictures.

Jacob and Jeff Withey. This guy is 7 ft tall and a starter for the team. 

Jacob and another fan with Thomas Robinson. He is also a starter. 

Another starter, Tyshawn Taylor.

Elijah Johnson doesn't look too thrilled.

Jacob and Danny Manning. He is one of the coaches now but used to be a Jayhawk player as well. Jim tells me he was one of the best. 
What a cool opportunity for Jim and Jacob to be able to meet these awesome players. As you can imagine, Jim was in heaven and loved every second of this. You know he was wishing he was along side Jacob and in the pictures with him. :-)


  1. A dream come true for them both! What a fun night to share together!

  2. You have trained Jim well in the necessities of picture taking. =) Not only did those boys have a fun night of making memories, he brought back the "show and tell" material for momma! That's awesome. =) What fun for those two.

  3. Wow. I bet that was a very special trip for both of them. It's so great that Jim has boys to share sports with. And you have Sarah to shop with! haha!