Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Special Visitors

Last week we had some very special guests...Jerry, Amanda and Alex Correa. They are in town from Virginia. We had a great visit and it was such fun spending quality time together and watching all the boys interact together.

We took a walk one morning to feed the ducks and geese

Little Alex was more interested in his thumb and his momma than he was the ducks and geese! Sweet boy! :)

Dana and Jackson joined us every day for the fun. We went to the mall one day and let the boys ride the carousel and play at the play area. They had great fun! Here they are waiting their turn. Jackson, Jacob, Luke and Alex (photo courtesy of Amanda)

We all went to dinner one night at Babe's. I've been friends with these girls since the 9th grade and I wouldn't have it any other way! Although we are missing our dear friend Lauri and her family! We missed you girl!

Here's the gang-(again, thanks Amanda for the photo)

The Dads and their boys- thanks Dana for the photo

This was the best shot we got of all 4 boys together. Not an easy task! Lukie was about to make his great escape!

When Luke sees the camera, this is the usual shot I get! Not kidding!!

Jacob and his buddy Jackson

We had a great time together and I can't wait until the next time. Hopefully in a few weeks! :) Love you girls!


  1. Glad you had a fun time with friends! It's cute all the boys in their little stripey shirts - little buddies!

    Love that little grin on Jacob's face in the bottom pic, hehe. :)

  2. We had such a blast. My only complaint is that it passed too quickly. I know, I know...all the more reason to move back to Texas, right? =)

    It's been a crazy week getting ready for Little Man's shindig, but I'll try to call you tomorrow to see about getting photos uploaded to your snapfish account.

  3. Those boys are PRECIOUS all lined up together like that! Isn't it crazy?? And it will be so amazing to add 2 more to the mix this summer. Poor Sarah and Kaitlynn are going to have to get together often to talk about barbies and dress-up, ha ha! I am sure missing you guys and hope to see you next weekend!!

  4. We had so much fun. I just wish I had been able to spend more time with you guys! I'm hoping your house is still in one piece after having all those boys over!