Sunday, June 13, 2010

Can you say...nesting

We or should I say "I" am in major nesting mode. I am 32 weeks and am feeling a bit anxious to get some things done around here before baby girl makes her debut.

We got the front two rooms complete, FINALLY! They laid the wood floors this past week and finished up yesterday. I must say I am NOT one for living in a mess and having things out of sorts, especially with kids. I am sooooo glad this project is complete and we can make a HUGE check on our to-do-list.

Dining room furniture was all over the place

In the works

But at last, we love our new office!

And our dining room!

Another huge check on the to-do-list was getting the boys room done. We got twin beds from my parents last month. They have had these beds since Kyla and I used them when we were younger. They are in great shape and it's working out just perfect for the boys.

Jacob LOVES his new room and bed. I'm still working with Luke but they seem to have fun sharing a room.

Nightie night...aren't they cute!!

Now, time to focus on the nursery. Pictures to hopefully come soon, as soon as I can get the stuff hung up on the walls. :)


  1. The new rooms look so great! It’s so fun the boys are using our old beds! I loved those beds! :) Just wait til they are old enough to bunk them – then they’ll get to fight over who gets top bunk! Glad you are getting lots of things checked off your to-do list before little Sarah gets here!

  2. You are nesting beautifully! Jacob looks like the cat's meow all stretched out on his new bed!! Can't wait to see the nursery!

  3. The rooms look awesome! I bet you are loving the wood floors. And I just love how you have decorated and also how the boys are sharing a room now. How is Luke adjusting? It's just so hard to believe that he has his own big boy bed already, isn't it! I sure can't wait to see what you do for Sarah's room. Would you believe I still haven't done a thing for Kaitlynn's room? It'll be a big girl room before it's ever a nursery, ha!

  4. Loved getting the grand tour in person today! It is just as beautiful - no wait, even more beautiful - than all of the pictures you posted. You've done such a great job of turning this house into a home. Can't wait to come and be your house guest this week!

  5. It is looking SO good. I'm so impressed with how quickly you guys have made your new house a home. I love it and can't wait to see the floors tomorrow!