Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day fun

We enjoyed the long Memorial Day weekend out at my parents in Kilgore. On Saturday, we headed out to Caddo Lake for a boat ride. The boys had a great time but sure were glad to take off those lifejackets once we were done. They actually both fell asleep, there is something about the sound of the boat that put them both fast to sleep. We just hung around the house the rest of the weekend and the boys enjoyed playing outside. Now that Luke is walking, he had lots of new space to explore. It didn't take him long before he was all over the place.

Helping Grandpa drive the boat-he loved it!

Sweet boy

Enjoying the ride

Jacob fell asleep with Grandpa while behind the wheel

Caddo Lake

Playing with bubbles

Helping Grandpa and Daddy spread mulch at the playset

I was surprised Luke kept his hat on while we were outside

Jim and little Jim

Playing with the new sand toys Grandma bought


  1. Great pics! I bet they LOVED the lake! I'm glad ya'll had a nice holiday weekend. Nothing better than spending time with Grandpa and Grandma!! :-)

  2. I KNOW your mom and dad loved having you all home for the weekend!! Caddo has such a haunting beauty. I love it! Yes, it is "Jim and Little Jim." =)

  3. I still remember going to Caddo Lake as a kid. How fun! Your parents house seems like such a great place for little boys!