Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another Birthday Girl

Our sweet niece, Annie also had a recent birthday. She turned 2 on June 7, just days after Emily's birthday. We had a party out at my parent's house last weekend and the kids enjoyed a Mickey Mouse themed party. My parents also recently bought a water slide that the kids had a blast playing with. They spent hours playing in the water and going down the slide, boy did they sleep good that night! Happy Birthday Annie!

Birthday girl

Enjoying her cupcake

Enjoying his cupcake

New water slide

A rare shot of Luke sitting still on the couch, long enough for a picture


  1. Ok. Can I just say that I am so jealous of that water slide - that thing is AWESOME! Grandma and Grandpa did good. I bet they scored lots of points for that!!

    Happy Birthday, sweet Annie! Love the tiny mouse ears. =)

  2. Love your new background! I think your parents are trying to make sure the kids want to come visit A LOT!! Ha! Looks like fun to me!

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  4. YES!! best age you can do what you want they can't tell, train them to suck too