Monday, February 22, 2010

It's T-ball Time

Jacob is officially now on his first T-ball team! They had their first practice this past Saturday and he had loads of fun...despite the chilly, windy weather! He was a little nervous to go b/c I think he didn't quite know what to expect. And he was VERY sad his coach from Little Sluggers wasn't his coach for this team. I tried telling him the coach would be different but he kept telling me "just wait Mom, you'll see". Ok Jacob! :) His team is The Scrappers and his first game is March 27. (the weekend we are set to move, what timing!)

I also want to post some recent conversations with Jacob that just make me laugh. He is at such a fun age and says the funniest things!

M: "Jacob will you go get yours and Luke's laundry basket for me?"
So he brings in Luke's basket and a few minutes pass and I say
M: "Ok, go get your basket now."
J: "No, it's ok Mom. I just pushed down all my clothes and it's not full anymore."
M: "Well honey, I still need to wash those clothes so just go ahead and bring them in here for me."
J: "Come here and I'll show you. Look how low it is. You don't need to wash them."
Oh, if only this is how it really worked!

One of the things I love most about kids is their innocence and their ability to just say whatever it is they think. Some times it makes me laugh and other times it makes me cringe a little...
J: "Mom, which nurse gave Luke his shots at the doctor?"
M: "Well, I don't know her name but it was the one with long brown hair you know, she's real nice."
J: "Oh yeah right, the one with the big, fat belly."

After the snow storm we had a few weeks ago, here is what Jacob had to say the days after when the weather cleared...
J: "Mom, I have the best news...the sun is shining."

And you know you eat at Chick-fil-a too often when...
M: "Jacob, thank you for helping me clean up the toys."
J: "My pleasure."


  1. OH my! So so funny! I love the "my pleasure" comment...hilarious! We eat at Chick-fil-A way too much here, too. Ha ha! And yes, you can never underestimate the brutal honesty of a child. We just pray they don't say stuff like that in front of people, ha!

    I can't wait to hear how Jacob does in T-ball! I know you guys have been looking forward to his sports involvement for a long time. And I just love his team's name. The Scrappers, how cute is that??

  2. Oh, Katherine! I just laughed out loud reading Jacob's comments. He has such a sweet heart. He didn't want you to have to do an extra load of wash, so he thought he'd help you out by pushing his clothes down so that they'd be low in the basket. And then he delivers the "best news" that the sun is shining. And that he says "my pleasure" when you say "thank you." One of my favorite quotes is, "Gratitude is the heart of noble souls." I'd say Jacob is a noble soul. How precious.

    I love that his team name is The Scrappers. That is just too cute! Can't wait to see more t-ball pics!

  3. Hilarious comments! I can't wait for Emily to start talking like that. I love his little helmet. He's so cute!

  4. hahahaha! I love the Chickfila one!! My little punkin bear! What fun t-ball pics! I know he will do great at that and have so much fun!

    I LOVE his laundry basket theory! ;)

  5. Such cute stories. I'm glad he didn't tell the nurse that she had a big fat belly! And I love that he says, "my pleasure." I always enjoy it when they say that to me when I drive through. I'm betting Jackson will be saying that too once I'm home! Can't wait to see pictures from some of Jacob's games. I bet Jim is really going to enjoy all of this!!

  6. Katherine, the Scrapper photos are precious!!! Seeing those brings back such sweet, fun memories of Zack playing t-ball... in outfield picking flowers, throwing rocks... all taking off like a covey of quail to wherever the ball went... sweet, fun times! You will enjoy it so much!

    Out of the mouths of babes... lol!