Friday, October 29, 2010

A Fun Visit

My friend Amanda and her little boy, Alex were in town last week for a little visit. Alex is now 15 months and is at such a fun age.

My friend Dana and her two boys, Jackson and Ryan were also with us. We had a great time all together and were able to do a few fun things. We went to a local pumpkin patch for some outdoor fun. And as you can see we had a time wrangling all 6 kids together for a picture. This was the best one I got. At least sweet Ryan and Sarah were cooperating and couldn't run off or turn their backs to us! haha!

I had to do everything I could to get Luke to sit in my lap with something other than a frown on his face! :)

Dana and her two sweet boys. Jackson is just 2 1/2 months younger than Luke and Ryan just 13 days younger than Sarah.

And just look at this happy girl!

She is oh so close to wanting to laugh!

Jerry was able to join us after work one day and we were brave and all went out to dinner at The Blue Goose. I still can't believe everyone, even the kiddos are all looking at the camera. Ryan and Sarah were at the end near Laine. Thanks for the pic Dana!

As crazy as the days were with so many kiddos, we had a nice visit and I look forward to seeing you guys again at Christmas time. We missed you Lauri and family. One of these days we will all be able to get together, hopefully before the kids are all teenagers! haha!


  1. I love all of the pictures. I think they capture the visit very well. I always have a lot of fun when we are together, no matter how crazy or how much milk is spilled! Ha! The picture of you and your kids is priceless. Love Lukie's laughter!

  2. That's a wonderful kind of crazy!! Things have changed so much for ya'll's gatherings... the one thing that has stayed the same is your love of each dear friend. Precious and priceless treasure indeed. Makes me smile.

  3. Just looking at these pictures and remembering this day makes me tired. And joyful. =) I wouldn't trade the chaos for anything - especially when I get to spend it with you guys! I had such a fun time. Hopefully one of these days we'll live closer together and this can be more of a regular occurrence rather than a rare treat. Happy Halloween!

  4. What a fun visit and great time with your friends! That is so neat that all your kids are so close in age!

    Love that pic of Sarah with her big gummy smile!! :)