Tuesday, October 26, 2010

All about Luke

I've had so many posts lately about Sarah and all that she is doing and Jacob with school, his birthday etc, that I thought I would do a post all about my sweet Luke. Gotta give my middle child a little attention here! :)

Luke continues to melt my heart with his sweet smile and his sweet disposition.

He is talking more and more and it has been so fun hearing him put sentences together, interact more with "Bubba" as he calls Jacob and communicate with us on a different level. Luke's favorite word is "NO". Which I guess is appropriate for a 2.5 year old. Just for fun, I ask him "Luke, is your favorite word no?" And expecting him to answer with a "NO" he instead says "YES!" Stinker!

With his increasing vocabulary he has been saying things like "Oh, right" and "Oh, great." And the other day he was looking for a particular book and I told him it was in his room and he said "Oh rats".

I'm not a huge fan of nicknames such as "Bubba" and "Sissy" but before Luke was talking much we taught him to say Bubba for Jacob. Now that he is talking more we have been trying to teach him to say Jacob instead of Bubba. However, he insists on calling him Bubba! Now, Luke likes to play the "repeat" game with Jacob. Jacob will say something and Luke repeats him, Jacob says something and Luke repeats and on and on. Gets on Jacob's last nerve, it's so funny! So I thought PERFECT! I told Jacob to say, "My name is Jacob" in hopes that Luke would repeat this and start calling him Jacob instead of Bubba. So Jacob says "My name is Jacob" and Luke says back with a huge smile "My name is Bubba". Once again, little stinker!

Similarly, Luke has only called Sarah "baby". He has never said Sarah. So the other day he was looking at her name spelled out and said the letters "S-A-R-A-H spells baby." Then just smiles and giggles. Once again, little stinker! And speaking of Sarah, he continues to be such a sweet brother to her. He is very protective calling her "my baby" and is always kissing her on the head. I couldn't be happier how he has taken to her.

Some other fun facts...his favorite color is green, he loves the movie Cars, he loves to do things all by himself including choosing what to wear each day, he still loves animals, he has a sweet tooth just like his mommy and loves ice cream! Oh and he loves sneaking sips of my Diet Cokes.

And after all, he IS Mommy's Little Man.


  1. Luke's sweet spirit just emanates from him. Such a precious post from Mommy to her Little Man! I do so appreciate his michievousness! LOL! Little Stinkers add much joy to life!!

  2. I love this post about Luke! One of my favorite things about our trip to visit you guys in August was that I got to spend time with Luke and get to know him better. He IS such a sweetie but I had no idea he was a stinker, too! That is too too funny! I love that he has such a special relationship with both of his siblings. Do you think he'll be the peacemaker of the family?

  3. Being a middle child too, I love that you did a post all about Lukie! He is SO sweet. I think it's cute that he saves his "stinker" side for you. He reminds me of the kids I taught that were generally pretty quiet but were so witty with the things they wrote and said. I have a feeling he's going to be very creative and constantly surprise you with the things he does. I love that he said SARAH spells baby. How cute is that!?! He is a sweet boy and I'm glad I've been around to watch him grow up.

  4. Oh, sweet, Luke. He does have a smile that will melt a girl's heart. =) I must admit that I would never have suspected that he had a "stinker" side until you let the secret out. I'm with Dana, I think he saves that just for you. =)

  5. haha, sweet little Lukees. He's so precious and such a little stinker guy! :) Love my sweet Godson!