Monday, October 4, 2010

Birthday Boy

Five years ago today, our sweet Jacob was born. 5:12 pm on a Thursday evening. A day I will never forget. He has brought so much joy to our lifes and we are so thankful God chose us to be his parents.

Here's a look back...a few of my favorites.
6 months

One year

18 months

2 years

3 years

4 years

And today...5 years!

He had school today and he got to enjoy a cookie treat with his friends in his class.

And Lukie too

Then we went to Chuck-e-Cheese and let him play games until his little heart was content.

We headed back to the house for a pizza dinner and a cupcake treat for dessert.

And then of course came the gifts. He is having a Hot Wheels party on Saturday so his favorite gifts today were his Hot Wheel toys. He is crazy for Hot Wheels!

He had a great day and we are looking forward to celebrating with our friends and family this weekend! We love you Jacob!


  1. Happy Birthday, Jacob!!! Time goes by so quickly. He looks so grown-up in his five-year-old photo! Looks like he had a very fun day with more to come. =)

  2. I sure can't believe Jacob is 5! Wow, it goes fast doesn't it?? I love the pictures looking back. Your sweet baby boy is now a 5-year-old, yikes!! And it looks like he had such a fun day. Way to go, Mom and Dad, for all the fun touches to make his day special. Sorry we can't be there to celebrate with you in person. Happy Birthday Jacob! We love you!!!

    PS - Connor says Happy Birthday to his boy cousin!

  3. Happy birthday, Jacob! I remember the night you were born - such a special day. I can't wait to have another extra little celebration when I come see you in a couple of weeks! I love you!

  4. aww, how fun to see those old pictures! Happy birthday to our sweet little punkin' bear! We love you Jacob!

  5. Happy birthday to Jacob! I also remember the night you were born. I remember rushing to the hospital and hearing your first cries over the cell phone with all of your aunts. What a blessing it has been to watch you grow! You were the first of all of our kiddos to be born. Such a special treat you were and still are!!!