Friday, March 25, 2011

In position

Baby girl is finding herself in various positions that makes me think she will be crawling sooner rather than later.

She starts like this.

Then this.

Gotta get that leg out.

All fours!!

But not for long, she always ends up on her tummy. Which then leads to either her turning herself around in a circle on her tummy or scooting backwards on her tummy!

And when she does stay sitting, she LOVES playing with her feet!

Who needs toys when you have feet??

Or when you take a peek to see what's hiding under the rug.

Now that baby girl has 4 teeth, she thinks it's fun to bite and play with her spoon.

Got yogurt?

We've been enjoying the nice weather and playing outside in the afternoons. I thought it would be fun to get a picture of all three kiddos. They sure had fun in the process but no such luck getting one of them all 3 looking with their eyes open! Oy!

Now if only Lukie had his eyes open! So close!


  1. That girl is sure keeping you on your toes! OMG! She's one smart cookie! She will have to give Ryan crawling lessons once she gets going! LOVE the pics of the three kids. Very special.

  2. oh little Sarah-bear! She is definitely getting the crawling bug! That is hilarious all those pictures trying to get all 3 to look at the camera - I bet that was entertaining as you were doing it! :P

  3. I love your photo shoot of the kiddos! Who cares if they aren't all looking at the same time...they are still some seriously precious pictures of your even more precious babies!! We can never have enough photos of our little ones, right? Great job!

    I love reading about sweet Sarah's busy days. She is definitely keeping Mama on her toes! I have to say, now that her hair is growing in, her look is really changing. She still looks a lot like Jacob to me, but she's definitely developing her own unique look as well. She always seems so happy and bubbly, I just love it!

    One random note...I just realized how close we are to summer. Let's check our calendars and find dates for us to visit you guys! I sure do miss you!!

  4. Little Sarah-bear will be on the move before you know it! I bet she's anxious to keep up with her big brothers! She looks like such a ham with all of her tricks. I would imagine your day is filled with many laughs watching that little one grow and change.

    Love the photoshoot with the three kiddos. That's exactly how it seems to go when I try to shoot more than one. You take a million, and you're lucky if you get just one that turns out. I think the succession of pictures you posted tells a wonderful story in and of itself. Priceless. Love you and miss you, friend. Give all three of your sweet munchkins hugs from their Aunt Amanda.

  5. Katherine, these are such wonderful moments you have captured!! Sarah is going to be mobile VERY soon. Your little family is precious!