Sunday, March 16, 2014

San Diego, Part 4

We had heard about this great little Cafe down the street from our hotel. So Saturday morning we walked down and enjoyed breakfast on the patio. Coronado is such a neat area.


 After breakfast we loaded up and headed to the harbor area where we took a harbor boat tour. 

This was the aircraft carrier used by the Navy to spread the ashes of Osama Bin Laden at sea. 
Downtown San Diego


This is the bridge that takes you to Coronado island. 
After the boat tour we toured the U.S.S Midway which is docked in the harbor. We thought the boys would enjoy touring this aircraft carrier. Quite impressive I might add!

We all got headphones for our self-guided tour and the kids all followed along, even Sarah. :)

The sleeping quarters.

Low ceilings, for sure!

Sitting on the chain of the ship anchor. 

I'm tellin' ya...she was loving this headset and controls. 

Up on the flight deck.

We got to go into several airplanes that were on display. 
Of course she chose to stand by the one with the purple jacket. :)

I loved seeing this statue from the ship. The sailor kissing his girl! So cute!

Once we were done touring the U.S.S. Midway, we took a drive up the coast to La Jolla. A quaint little coastal town known for their beach views and opportunities to seal-watch.

Hard to see but this rock was covered with seals 


Fun to watch the seals swimming and playing in the water. 

Taking it all in.

We walked out on a long pier for another view. 

Since Saturday was our last day in San Diego we had the Jones farewell dinner that night. So we headed back to freshen up for the evening. 

We headed through the main lobby for a few more pictures. 

Lots of wood. The wood floors were very squeaky when you walked on them.

Farewell dinner on the beach. 

With a live band.

They loved the soft, white sand. 

Of course Sarah found a little friend to play with. She had been the only girl this whole time. ha!

Sweet friends!


  1. Wow girl, you did it! So impressed that you remembered all the details all these months later. I loved getting to see your adventures!

  2. You got some great and very artistic photos - very nice! San Diego looks like such a pretty city! Too funny with Sarah and the guy with the purple jacket. ;)