Saturday, March 15, 2014

San Diego, Part 3

Friday morning we headed out first thing to the famous San Diego Zoo. We were excited to see the zoo in person after always hearing so many good things about it. 
Troy and his boys. 

Once we were in, we headed straight for the bus tour. You get to see 75% of the zoo this way and it was great. We got a good feel of the zoo and knew what parts we wanted to go back to.

We opted for the top level to hopefully see more.

One of our favorite sights was the koala bear exhibit. So cute!

Beautiful peacock!

Beautiful grounds. Very lush with lots of hills.

A pacing lion.

A relaxed cheetah.

Once we finished the bus tour we road the gondola to the other side of the zoo to go see the pandas and the polar bears.

They only allowed four per car so Sarah and I had to ride by ourselves. Let's just say my new fear of heights was in full effect. Eek!
I still managed to get some pictures despite my rapid heart rate!

We made it to the Polar bears.

They were all asleep when we saw them.

They had several moving sidewalks to get you up and down to the next level. 

Break time!

Bamboo trees
Waiting to see the panda bears.

The baby panda was sleeping up in the tree. He was too cute!

These guys really were amazing to watch!

This one was enjoying his bamboo!

Riding the gondola back. 

We left the zoo mid-afternoon and headed back to the hotel for some relaxing pool time. The kids had fun swimming and we ended up ordering pizza poolside for dinner and just relaxed.

That evening Jones had S'mores on the beach and a family movie night on the lawn. They showed Dolphin Tales and the kids had a blast running around, eating and watching the movie. 

The S'more pits!

Movie time!

So pretty at night!

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  1. What a great zoo - it's huge! Love all the pretty trees and what neat animals!!