Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our birthday boy!

Four years ago today, God gave us one of our biggest blessings! Luke James Webb entered this world at 9:07 a.m. and our lives have forever been changed! With each passing day, our sweet Luke becomes more unique and special in so many ways. It has been a true joy being his mother and watching him change so much over the last four years. This last year he has blossomed in many ways, more than we could have imagined. We are so so thankful for our sweet, lovable, unique, thoughtful, sensitive, playful, happy-go-lucky Lukie!

We celebrated this year at Build-A-Bear Workshop at Stonebriar mall. Many of his cousins and friends from his class came to join in on the fun. 

I love my Lukie cuddles!

Each child gets a turn to write their name on the yellow bear that  Luke got to take home as a memory from his party. 

Jacob was excited that he was the oldest one at the party! 

Each child had a choice of a brown dog or a brown bear. They all chose the brown dog.  Except Luke. I told Luke since he was the birthday boy, he could choose any animal he wanted. Without any hesitation, he went straight for the monkey. 

In line ready to head over to the stuffing machine. 

Precious boy!

Luke got to help stuff his monkey.

Isn't he cute?

Miss Sarah was in heaven getting her hands on all  those stuffed animals. 

We had the privilege of having my Grandpa with us. He came into town with my parents to give him a change of scenery for the weekend. He's always a pleasure to be around. And Sarah thought it would be fun to hand him all these animals that she was picking up. I asked him what he thought of the place and he said, "I live in a totally different world than this." He probably can't even remember the last time he was in a shopping mall, much less a store where you make your own stuffed animal. He was a good sport though! 

Say cheese!

We then headed upstairs to the food court where we continued the celebration with cake. 

Cookie cake from Paradise Bakery for the adults. And boy was it good! 

And Scooby Doo chocolate cake for the kiddos. 

Singing Happy Birthday!

Make a wish!
Luke got to celebrate his birthday today at school as well. When I asked his teachers what they recommended for a birthday snack they said the kids love donuts. So, donuts it was! What 4 year old doesn't love donuts, right!

Once Daddy got home tonight, we celebrated by eating Chick-fil-a for dinner (his choice) and gave him our gifts.
So excited about his Scooby undies. 

A new Wii game- Mario Kart.

He loves his Scooby toys!

He got a big boy bike.

Happy birthday to my favorite 4 year old! You mean the world to me and I feel honored to be your mother! Love you precious boy!


  1. What a special day for such a special boy! It sure sounds like you rolled out the red carpet for sweet Luke! I'm soooo happy he had such a great day and was able to celebrate with all his friends and family. It is SO hard to believe he is 4!! Tell Luke that Connor and Kaitlynn miss him and wish they could have celebrated with him on his special day. Love and miss you all!

  2. Happy birthday sweet Luke! It looks like the party was so fun! He got some great presents too! So special that you got a pic of Gpa at the party!

    Love you sweet Godson! We are so proud of you and you have the sweetest smile and precious heart!

    1. Sweet Luke! We are glad we got to be there to share your party!! We love you so much! Grandma and Grandpa

  3. Happy birthday Luke! We had so much fun at the party! Chic Fil A sounds like the perfect birthday dinner to me. :-) We are so thankful that we've been around to see Luke blossom these past four years. What a special boy!

  4. I knew you would pick a monkey to stuff. (since they didn't have Scooby. Luke, you are truly Gods blessing to us all!

  5. Oh, sweet Luke. Your birthday looks like it was the party of all parties – sun-up to sun-down. Katherine, one of the many things I love about you is that you find so many ways to make your kids feel loved and celebrated. I just know that Luke had to feel so incredibly special. I can see it on his sweet face.

    I am impressed with the dentist visit. Jacob and Luke looked like old pros! Alex is scheduled for round two in a couple of weeks. The first round did not go so well. I am not holding out too much hope for this next round either, but we'll see.

    Please tell Jacob that I am so very proud of his accomplishments. I know your heart must burst with pride at how kind and thoughtful he is. Such a generous little soul. And a wonderful, protective big brother to Luke and Sarah.

    Sending hugs to all of you. I miss you so much. Love you.