Friday, January 6, 2012

Where do I start?

Like most of us, I'm so behind and have so much I want to blog about. There just wasn't enough time after the kids were in bed to get on the computer and play. Ads were being looked through, Christmas lists were being made, coupons were being collected and organized, gifts were being wrapped, toys were being assembled, recipes and menus were being planned. We all know none of this can be done during the day while juggling the kids. So, the blog got neglected for a few weeks. However, all that night time work paid off because we had a wonderful, joyous Christmas.

The week leading up to Christmas, we declared a couple of the nights our "family movie night". Which included watching Rudolph one night and Frosty the next night. We popped popcorn and Jacob and Luke happily gathered some sweet treats for us to snack on.

The Friday before Christmas we headed to Arlington to celebrate with Jim's family. On our way there, we stopped off at the Gaylord Texan hotel and took advantage of their beautifully decorated hotel lobby for some photo ops. Little miss Sarah clearly was not in the mood for pictures so the good ones were limited...but we tried.

We headed over to Papa Jim and G-Lana's house afterwards and had a nice Christmas. Good food, generous gifts and fun family time made the evening just what it should have been.

Uncle Jim and baby Alyssa. Isn't she adorable?

Christmas Eve morning we let the kids open a gift each before we hit the road to Kilgore. Sarah got her chair and the boys got a DVD player. And please note Sarah is wearing my scarf. She cracks me up!

We then made our way to Kilgore and joined in on the fun. We went to Christmas Eve Mass at 4:00 then came home to dinner, bath and an early bedtime for the kiddos so Santa could make his arrival.
Look this way kiddos... impossible!!

Sweet parentals!

The Webb and Paniagua kids.

Santa brought Sarah a kitchen, Jacob a Wii, a Wii game and a remote controlled helicopter and Luke a Lightening McQueen scooter, a Wii remote and a Star Wars gun. (the gun for Luke was the one thing he kept asking Santa for. Not my ideal gift for him but it was his top request).

We told the kids about our upcoming trip to Disney World. We told them inside the box was a clue to a vacation we have planned to take together. When they opened the box and saw their Mickey and Minnie Mouse shirts, they guessed it right away!

New slippers for all.

Sarah took to her kitchen right away!

Kyla and family joined us later Christmas day in Rusk at Grandpa's house.

Sarah loved playing with sweet baby Joseph.

When I asked Grandpa for a smile this is what I got!

Opening his gift from his grandkids.

Framed picture of all the great-grandkids! He was very surprised!

We also gave Mom and Dad a framed picture of us all.

Once again thankful for a wonderfully, blessed Christmas with family and friends. Wishing you all a Happy New Year full of peace, joy, good health, happiness and a heart full of God's love!


  1. Very nice post girl! It's so hard catching up on the blog with so many great memories and fun pics huh?! You did a good job though capturing it all - so many blessings for sure!

    Love you!

  2. So much fun, I can see why it's hard to post it all!! What a wonderful holiday you guys had! Wow, the Webb kiddos must've been on the extra-nice list with all those awesome gifts they got! I love all the pictues and especially the framed ones for the grandparents. Perfect addition to the family home! Glad you're back and getting settled back in. Christmas requires a long recovery period!!

  3. Wonderful family photos, Katherine!! Happy New Year to you and your sweet family!! blessings ~ Tanna

  4. Yea for a fun and memorable Christmas. The pictures you gave your grandpa and parents are so awesome. I know it must mean the world to them! I loved seeing the kids opening their presents. How fun for the cousins to be together Christmas morning! I'm so glad you guys had a merry Christmas.

  5. What a blessing and joy to wake up on Christmas morning and hear the excitement of the grandchildren. So so blessed