Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas program and parties

Earlier in the month, Luke's preschool combined Donuts with Dad and the Christmas program all in one day. A good way to maximize the dads time up at school.

After their breakfast they proceeded to the church for the Christmas program. We enjoyed watching Luke in his first program. Although he sat and made faces like this for most of the program, it was still so cute to watch.

Little friend: "Hey Luke, what are we supposed to be doing? I forgot what comes next."
Luke: "I have no idea. I'm just trying to figure out why all these people are here looking at us."

A few weeks later Luke's class celebrated with a Christmas party which included Chick-fil-a for lunch, an edible Santa craft, a Christmas story and a book exchange.

Ready for the book exchange. Notice Sarah giving Luke a hug on the left side up against the wall.

She wasn't going to be left out of the fun!

Wednesday of this week, Jacob finished up at school. He is SO excited to have two weeks off! His class had a little party as well and he got to leave at 10:30 that day so he was a happy guy! They too made an edible snowman craft, made a picture frame, had a snack and listened to a Christmas book.

We LOVE Mrs. Naber

Snack time

Craft time

Great group of kiddos

Of all the things he has gotten for Christmas he remembers the Nerf gun, of all things. Go figure! Boys and their guns! Sigh!

On another note, I just love this picture of Luke playing with his Nativity set. Sweet boy!

And I just love this one of Luke laughing and Sarah being silly as usual.


  1. Precious photos of a precious family, Katherine. Hope you and yours have had a wonderful Christmas and that the new year brings all the best!! blessings ~ Tanna

  2. Looks like y'all have had lots of fun partying. Love the pictures of Lukie at his program. We had a similar experience. -)

  3. I'm here to tell ya that there was no shortage of Christmas fun for the Webb family this year! Looks like the fun just kept on coming. Love those sweet babies of yours!