Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Santa Picture 2011

I would say this year's Santa picture was a success!

I still can't get over the fact that Sarah isn't completely frightened of the big guy. At first she didn't want to go up to him but as soon as we brought the rocking horse over, she was all smiles! I think she forgot Santa was behind her. And you know I can't post a picture like this without taking a stroll down memory lane. So here goes...




And yes we skip '07 and '06 due to a scared kiddo...and on to 2005.


  1. The Santa picture turned out perfect!!! Jacob looks like such a big boy. I'm so glad that Sarah had a big smile on her face. I bet she loved the little horse (or doggieeee...)
    And looking back at the pics of Lukie's little chubby cheeks is just too precious.


  2. Great minds think alike! I just finished my Santa picture post and saw yours was up too, haha! I LOVE your picture this year!! I'm SOOOO impressed by Sarah's bravery. She needs to teach Kaitlynn a thing or two about courage, ha! Their smiles are so sweet and it is just so fun seeing the pictures year after year with the same Santa. What a fun memory to capture and look back on. Love you!!

  3. GREAT Santa photos!!! Maybe Sarah is trusting her brother's judgement on the big guy. ;) I love the one where Luke is standing kind of the side at a 'safe' distance from Santa. They are all so very good. Just precious. blessings ~ tanna