Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cowboy Jacob

Each week at Jacob's preschool, they have a different theme they focus on. Last week their theme was "Texas" and the school brought in a real pony they could sit on and of course have their picture taken with. I had talked it up to him that morning quite a bit since he is deathly afraid of any animal, even birds! We are working on overcoming this fear--and no we are NOT getting a pet! We'll work on it in other ways! :) There was a bird near our car in a parking lot just this week and Jacob wouldn't go near the car until the bird flew off. Poor guy! Anyway, I told him the pony was really boring and just stood there and didn't do anything. That somehow worked because he actually suited up and got on the pony for the picture below.

Luke is doing so much these days. All he wants to do is walk...finger walk that is. He loves to hold our fingers and walk all over. I'll be ready when he can take off on his own and give our backs a break! I can tell he is understanding more and more of the things we say to him. A few things he can understand are, take a bite, drink, where is your book, duck, tree, fan, balloon. He is also pointing at different things which is a really good milestone at this age. He can clap and wave on demand. His little personality is coming out more and more and it's so fun getting to know him on a different level since he is doing so much. Also, I wanted to share Luke's one year pictures we had taken last week. He was such a trooper and we got several great poses of him. It was so hard to decide but I think we got some good ones. Luke wore the same birthday outfit in this picture that Jacob wore for his one year pictures. Jacob's one year pictures are the last two.


  1. I'm proud of Jacob. What a cute picture. I also love hearing about all of the fun things Luke is doing these days. Yea!

  2. I cannot believe that Jacob wouldn't go near the bird but saddled up for the pony picture. Priceless. Funny thing is, he looks like a natural on that horse - I love it!

    Must admit that I adore Luke's first year photos. That grin just makes my day! I can't wait to have him wave and clap for me next time I'm in town.

    Love and hugs.

  3. Oooops... Still working on the mechanics of blogging... Katherine, I LOVE the pony picture!! Jacob is precious all cowboy-ed up! And, Luke's one year portraits are priceless. I love that the boys both wore the same outfit. Thank you so much for starting to blog, too. I have so enjoyed keeping up with ya'll!

  4. I love Cowboy Jacob! I would never be able to tell he was terrified of the pony because he looks like such a big boy with that sweet smile and outfit. And I love how you put both boys in the same 1st year outfit - so neat to see them side by side.

  5. Oh my gosh that pic of Jacob on the pony is SO cute! You just might have to frame that and put it in his room! :)

    Sweet little LUke getting so big with all his new stuff he has learned! Can't wait to see yall in less than 3 weeks! ;)