Tuesday, March 31, 2009

14 months today

Our sweet Luke is 14 months today! I get so excited when there is a 31st day of the month b/c I like noting Luke's birth day each month. I get a little sad when there are only 30 days in the month and I can't celebrate the day. Especially the first 2 years, each month is so significant and so many milestones to celebrate each month.

I have to say the past month has been really big for Luke. He can now say "ma-ma" and "up" with appropriate meaning and I think I've even heard him say "bite". He started signing "more". He got 3 new teeth and now has a total of 9 including 2 molars. And he has started crawling!! I still can't believe it. We just thought he was going to be one of these babies that just skips over crawling and walks instead. He has been crawling for about a week now. He doesn't do it all the time but he certainly can do it. He is still getting close to walking! I pray this is the last time I am going to have to say "still close to walking" and I can finally say he is WALKING! I can't to make that post, hopefully sooner rather than later! He is also pointing to so many things and just looks at me as if he were saying "what is that mom?" He is adsorbing so much and I can tell he is understanding so much of what we say.

Here are some pictures of Luke crawling...

And of course Jacob is right there with him

Luke loves his fire truck and is trying to get on and off of it by himself

Jacob took this one...

He loves pulling up to the couch

And cruising along the couch

Jacob has been really into using his imagination lately. Here he is using his tunnel as his "rocket ship" and counts down from 10 and "blasts off to Mars". And we have to be his "passengers" to go with him. And he even packs a little bag of toys to take with him. It's too funny!


  1. I love reading all about Luke's accomplishments. I'm so excited that he's crawling. Maybe he can teach Jackson how to do it right next time we see you! Both of the boys are looking so big!

  2. I love the picture of Jacob crawling WITH Luke. And, Luke's smile on the fire engine is priceless! Jacob is taking off to the moon... growing up so fast. Thank you, Katherine! You are doing a beautiful job teaching them "the art of living."

  3. Precious! I love to see the boys "growing up" through your pictures and stories. =) XOXO

  4. Luke is so precious! That smile would melt me anytime.

  5. They are both so cute! So glad Luke is crawling and he has on a cute shirt :)