Sunday, February 9, 2014

More December pictures

Sarah's preschool had Donuts with Dad before their Christmas program. She loved having breakfast with Daddy at her school and did such a good job at her first program! Our baby girl is growing up--way too fast!  

She was all smiles and didn't seem to have any stage fright!
She sang and participated in all the songs. 
The next week she had her Christmas party. 

Hard at work!


Her best friend, Lauren!

Class picture
What a special gift they made for us!

The boys each had a Christmas party at school which included a craft and a snack. So thankful I can be a part of these special days with them!

Luke's picture frame craft!

Jacob's class decorated a foam gingerbread house!

Right smack in the middle of the parties, the fire alarm goes off! Really?! 

The firemen discovered that the smoke from burnt popcorn will definitely set the alarm off! Ha! Thankful it was nothing more than a little burnt corn!

Once we got back into the room they got to ice their cookies and enjoy their treat!

Jacob's little friend, Ben! Although Jacob tells me his real name isn't Ben! lol!

These three have been in class together since they were in Kindergarten. Sweet, sweet friends. 
And thankfully the three of us have been together too since Kinder!

Class picture
Now that Luke is in school too I got a taste of what it's like to run back and forth between class parties. Whew! And in the mean time Sarah went to her dance class with her little friend, Jillian. I was thankful I didn't have to drag her all over the school!
Waiting in line for the Santa picture at the mall!


Decorating our tree!

I'm thinking it's about time we have the what-it-means-to-be-lady-like talk with Sarah! Haha!

We met up with our friends Kenneth and Kayla over the Christmas break!

Out with Dana and Laine for Laine's birthday! 

The kids sure do love their Tia. 

Of course!

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