Sunday, June 1, 2014

Field Trips

Both boys had their Field Trips in April within days of each other. Kindergarten loaded the buses and went to the Frisco Sci-Tech museum then to the park for a picnic lunch. After I dropped Sarah off at school I met Luke for his special day. 

Best buddies!

Watching a little program before they went in. 

One of the teachers demonstrating static electricity. 

Luke stayed at the Lego building station for quite some time. 

Cade, another best buddy!

Being silly! He didn't want to put that Lego car down! :)

Our neighbor, Luke Z is also in Kinder. 

At the park having our picnic lunch. 

His first bus ride. 

Once we were done at the park, we had a little time to spare before picking up Sarah. So we decided to go to Sweet Frog, one of favorite yogurt shops. 

I always enjoy one-on-one time with my kiddos. Just don't get it enough!

Second grade went to the Dallas Arboretum for their field trip. They just opened a children's area that was very impressive. They had a scavenger hunt for them along the way. Sarah and I met them there and it turned out to be a beautiful day!

Little monkeys! 

They had a big water area for them to play in.

They all loved this climbing wall!

On our way out of the Arboretum, we stopped along the way and took pictures in front of the flowers! Love springtime there! 


  1. What fun field trips! Love all those pretty flowers at the arboretum!

  2. You guys have been BUSY! I have loved seeing all the pictures from your vacations, little trips, and field trips. I am going to try to soak up time with the boys this summer because I know we are about to enter a busy time in our lives when Jackson starts school. Since you are an old pro you can coach me on how to manage it all!

  3. Girl. You are not wasting one minute of your summer. You have become a blogging machine! You go girl. I need you to rub off on me. Me = no facebook, no blogging. I am just having the hardest time getting back into the blog world, and you know I barely use FB. But I'm inspired by your latest additions.

    Your kiddos are so thoughtful - I loved that they decorated the house with Jayhawks gear for Jim during March Madness. I mean, it just doesn't get any cuter than that.

    Jacob has become quite the young man. Although, I always knew he would be. His heart is pure gold, and I smiled when I read about his first confession and communion. I know it had to be one of your proudest moments as a momma. =)

    Luke is an absolute doll and that King Cole outfit was too much! So adorable. And so brave to do his speaking parts into the microphone! And I know he must have been in heaven to get to see all those sharks at Sea World!! Love it!

    And Sarah. She's growing up so fast, too. How is it that she's going to be four this summer?! Getting so big with her own little friends and her own birthday parties to attend and her own activities. She's as cute as a bug in a rug, and I love that in true Eckel fashion, family is vitally important to her - her brothers, her cousins, her grandparents. Melts my heart.

    I hope you are enjoying your summer with the kids. I miss and love you. Hugs to all.