Wednesday, July 1, 2009

17 months and summer camp

Luke is now 17 months old and doing so much. He is walking so fast he is almost running, it won't be long. He also likes to stand in one place and turn in circles, over and over. There is something kids like about feeling dizzy, I guess! He loves playing with his little push car and can now not only go backwards when sitting on it but can go forwards too. This is a big accomplishment since it's takes a lot of strength to move himself forward. He is still favoring his left hand with almost everything. I know this doesn't mean he will end up left handed but do think it's interesting and will watch and see if he starts favoring his right at all. He also is always walking around with "something" in his hand. The other day he was walking around with a bottle of cough medicine and then later was walking around with my lent brush. And he doesn't put these things down for anything so I stopped trying! :) He also got his 13th tooth, his first K-9 and the 14th one is about to break through. Fun times here with all the teething! He still loves to put stuff in the trash. The other day Jacob finished his popsicle and the stick was laying on the table and Luke got it and went and put it in the trash. Luckily now, "trash" is actually ending up in the trash can instead of toys and such. He continues to understand so much. The other day, I was holding him and someone said to him, "You have mommy's eyes." He turned to me and pointed at my eyes. It's so fun watching him connect the dots and learn so much. He can also point to many body parts, hair, ears, eyes, nose, mouth etc. He and Jacob are really interacting more these days. It's fun to start to see them play and be together.

Jacob is having a great summer and has been going to a little summer fun camp at his school. His last day is tomorrow and last week their theme was the Olympics and this week it is 4th of July. He has been doing lots of games and art projects. I'm glad he has been able to go do something fun and creative while being with some of his friends. Yesterday they made t-shirts with their handprints for the parade tomorrow. We have also been swimming a lot with friends. He is loving the water and can't seem to get enough of it. It's hard to believe it's already July 1st, how fast the summer is going by but we are going to enjoy it as much as we can.

Bedtime snack

Luke does this new face now when he sees a camera...

This morning the boys were playing cars in the bathroom while I was getting ready. They were playing so well together and were going back and forth to the playroom getting more cars for "their car wash". There were cars lined up all over the counter. Whatever it takes, right! :)

Here is that face again...silly boy!


  1. Too precious! I wish that I were there in Dallas because after baby Alex is born we could come and visit and play with Jacob and Luke! So sad that I'm missing out...

  2. oh they are so funny! Luke is hilarious with his little smile! haha I bet he is so cute now with all he is learning. Super fun they are starting to play together too. Little buddies!
    Aunt Kyla

  3. Ok, Luke is growing up way too fast! I love that they are playing together. I bet Jacob LOVES that.

  4. Jacob and Luke are just TOOOOOO cute! And, I do so love that you enjoy them so much!

  5. What fun that your boys are now at the age to play together and keep each other entertained! They look so precious in the pics!