Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Boys

Luke will be 18 months on Friday- it's hard to believe he is already a year and a half! Luke has really been trying to keep up with his big brother lately. They have been really interacting more and more which is so fun to watch. One thing that is really different this time around is the fact that Luke has a built in play buddy while Jacob at Luke's age only had me. I'm realizing how nice it is that they can play together and entertain one another instead of me providing all the entertainment. It's been very nice!!

Little Luke forgets sometimes that he is still little as he is wanting to do everything Jacob is doing. For example, Luke now has to dip his chicken, french fries, etc in ketchup just like Jacob does. It's funny b/c Jacob just started using ketchup about 6 months ago. Luke has also found that his finger fits just perfectly into the little holes in his nose, gee I wonder who he saw doing that! After Luke brushes his teeth (which consists of him chewing on his toothbrush) he tries to spit in the sink like Jacob and tries to make the same noise Jacob makes while spitting. It's too funny! Speaking of teeth, Luke has been teething so badly lately. Those darn K-9's are a killer! He was so fussy last week, just random spurts of crying on and off all day, all week. It was a rough couple of days but thankfully he is better now. He has one more K-9 to break through on the bottom then hopefully we will have a nice long break until the 2 year molars start making their way through, then we will be done!!!

Jacob has been loving his big brother role lately. He can be so sweet with Luke while at the same time, so rough! What are big brothers for, right! Along with them playing together comes the typical brotherly spats. Luke wants everything Jacob has and Jacob's not too fond of that. I'm having to quickly learn how to solve these spats while Luke cries and Jacob tells me every last detail of what just happened. It makes for some interesting times, no doubt!

So, I want to brag on Jacob for a minute...I have been working with him on writing his name this summer. In preschool last year, they traced their names every day to practice writing the letters. I really wanted to keep him practicing this summer so he wouldn't lose interest and his skills. He's done so well and can now write his first and last name on his own. He definitely has to be in the mood to sit down and do it but if I catch the window, he really enjoys it. He is also learning his letter sounds, thanks to the Leap Frog Letter Factory DVD. It's really helping him learn the sounds in a fun, entertaining way. Highly recommend the DVD.

Here are a few recent pictures...

Luke's new favorite pose

New Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck toys

Hard at work...as I was taking this picture Jacob said "Mom don't look, I want to surprise you." And of course Luke is right there with him. (eating the crayons probably as he loves to do!)

If you look closely you can see he wrote his name...can you tell I am proud of my little guy!!


  1. Jacob - your Aunt Amanda is SO proud of you for writing your name so well and for practicing your letter sounds. I'll be expecting you to show me all you've been learning when you come for your visit in September. =)

    Kat - I can't believe how much of a "big boy" Luke has become. I love that he wants to do all the things Jacob is doing. Good thing he has such a sweet role model to follow! Love to everyone.

  2. Awww - what a fun post! I'm so proud of my little fella! That's great you are continuing to work with him on his writing!

    And sweet little Lukee! I know what it's like growing up always copying someone else! :P


  3. What a beautiful signature!! Yea, Jacob!! =) They are so sweet, Katherine. I am thinking that this wonderful post will give Lauri hope for easier days to come! It is wonderful for them to have each other.

    I can envision the 'mediator of disputes' role though. LOL. Jacob describing in detail and Luke crying. You go girl!

  4. Yes, it definitely gives me hope! I look forward to the day when my 2 can entertain themselves so I can have a break, ha! But I'm cracking up at Jacob describing his little spats with Luke - I can picture that! And great job on his letters, too!

  5. Way to go Jacob!!! His Kindergarten teacher is going to be so impressed by all that he knows! Love that little Luke is dipping his food. Too cute. So sad I'm back at work and our play dates are over. :-( Til next year...