Monday, August 10, 2009


Kristina and kiddos came to visit last week and we decided to try to get the kids pictures taken all together for Grandma and Grandpa. We have never attempted this, thinking it would just be too hard getting all 5 kids to be looking the same direction, all smiling, not moving, not crying, not trying to walk off, you get the point! However, we were pleasantly surprised! Luke was the one that I was most worried about since he is the youngest at 18 months and in his own little world! He kept trying to walk over to me and crying a bit but I literally was sitting right next to him and once I could tell the photographer had their attention, I would lean over out of the range of the picture. It took some work but wasn't too bad! Luckily we had a few poses to choose from but decided on this one...and as you can imagine Grandma and Grandpa LOVED it!

We also had Jacob and Luke's picture taken a few months ago with their other cousin, Emily (Rhonda's little girl). She is 4 months younger than Luke and boy was it tough! Jacob did great but Luke and Emily were all over the place. Luke had fallen and hit his head right as we got there so he wasn't in the best of moods. We managed to get one good group picture where Luke wasn't crying, on the verge, but not crying. We framed these and gave them to Jim's mom and dad for Mother and Father's Day. They loved them!

Here are a few other poses they took just of the boys

Luke's signature smile

Cute profiles


  1. OH, MY GOSH! They are all sooooo cute! I love the Cousins Photo! I know your mom is going to be so excited!

  2. TOOOOOOO cute! I do hope you got a couple of extras that might find their way in the mail to one homesick Aunt Amanda... I sure do miss those boys! And I must admit that you had a rockin' photographer to snap those photos at just the right time. I love them!

  3. Oh I LOVE it!!! What a beautiful picture!! Have you mailed mine yet? :) I can't wait to see all my little people in just a few weeks!! I still can't believe the color of Luke's hair - too cute!
    Love you! Kyla

  4. I am so impressed with the pictures! Knowing how hard it was to get ONE good one of Jackson I cannot even imagine how difficult it would be to get all of the kids to look forward and smile at the same time. Those are priceless!!!

  5. Katherine, those photos are GREAT! It is just so hard with little ones to get them all looking forward, and even more so with smiles! Grandma and Grandpa will be THRILLED!! By the way, are those from Portrait Innovations? I love that place!