Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Glimpse of the Future

Jim's morning= took Jacob and Luke to McDonald's for breakfast, then drove to Denton to watch the North Texas football team practice for the upcoming season.

Katherine's morning= worked out at the gym, got haircut, got pedicure. :)

I see many more of these days in our future especially as the boys get older. Being the sports lover that Jim is, he loves doing this with the boys and loves being able to teach them about sports! And as for me, I was very thankful for the break and enjoyed pampering myself a bit! I could get used to this kind of day as I loved every minute of it!

As I see it, it's a win-win for all!

Jim did manage to take a few pictures


  1. You go girl! You TOTALLY deserve that! I'm proud of you for taking care of yourself and Jim for bonding with the boys. Maybe Laine and Jackson can go next time so that I can join you! Ha! I secretly dream of having another boy so that one day I can have lots of time to myself when Laine takes the boys to football games or test driving cars! :-)

  2. Oh what a fun day!! That's great Jim had a fun boys day - they are so lucky to have a daddy who loves teaching them about new things! (even if it is boring football) :P I'm glad you had some relaxing time too - funs! If I was there, I totally would have gone to get a pedicure with you!

  3. I am SOOOO jealous of your morning! I hope you had a wonderful time getting pampered and I'm sure you felt refreshed afterwards! Hopefully there are many more mornings like that in all of our futures, ha! :-)

  4. That sounds like the PERFECT Saturday morning! LOL. There are some definite advantages to having boys... but, just let me say that having a pedicure with your daughter is pretty special, too. LOL! (MUCH later, you understand! LOL!) In those early years, a quiet time to yourself is a PRECIOUS GIFT! And, to take care of yourself is very responsible parenting! =)

  5. PS Please give Jim a big hug for me! He is doing a wonderful job, too!