Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back to school and Luke's Gymboree

Jacob started back to Pre-K yesterday and did great. He wasn't excited about it but didn't cry when I dropped him off so I was thrilled for that. When I picked him up he was smiling ear to ear and just so excited about his day, his class and his teachers. He actually shared quite a bit with me about his day which was nice and a huge change from last year. One thing he said that cracked me up was "we went out to play on the playgroud but it was terribly hot". Terribly hot! He goes Tues/Thurs from 9-1. I have also included a few pictures from last year. Boy, how he has grown!

Getting ready to leave

At school

Luke wanted to join in

In his classroom

From last year...look at that baby face

Also, I have wanted to do some other activity with Jacob. He did gymnastics last year but got burnt out after about 7 months. Since T-ball doesn't start up until the Spring (which I can't wait for) we decided to enroll him in Tae-Kwon-Do. He starts next week so I'm anxious to see what he thinks. Our thought is to expose him to lots of different activities so he can figure out what he likes. I'm excited to see how he does so be ready for lots of pictures! :) So between his school on Tues/Thurs, Luke's gym on Tues and Jacob's Tae-Kwon-Do on Wednesday's, we have our weekly schedule in place.

Little Luke and I enjoyed our time together while Jacob was at school. We went to his Gymboree class and ran a few errands.(which is so much easier to do with just one.) He is doing more and more each day. Here's what's new...
-He can use a fork when he eats
-He loves trying to do the top buckle to his carseat. It won't be long before he can do it on his own.
-When I ask him for a kiss, he loves to run away and giggles the entire time and looks back to see if I can catch him.
-He loves to be silly and has mastered a fake laugh which makes me laugh every time.

Luke playing at Gymboree

Luke loves getting stamps at the end of class, he especially loves getting one on his tummy

Random pic...there is something fun about playing in the laundry basket!


  1. It was indeed "terribly hot" yesterday! LOL! Glad Jacob had such a good first day and shared so much. I look forward to Tae-kwon-do shots!!

  2. What big boys you have now! Jacob is just so cute with his ever expanding vocabulary. I'm so glad they are both staying busy with such fun activities. Great for them and even better for you!!

  3. I'm so excited that Jacob braved his first day without any tears. I hope he has some stories about school for his Aunt Amanda when he comes at the end of the month.

    Luke is adorable showing his tummy stamp at Gymboree. I look forward to more pics of Luke playing at Gymboree and Jacob at Tae-kwon-do. Should be a fun year. Oh - and I am of course looking forward to the upcoming pumpkin patch pictures. It's almost that time!! =)

  4. LOVE that Jacob is going to Tae-kwon-do! I think that's going to make for some really great blog posts! I hope Jacob enjoys his time at pre-school and that you and Luke enjoy your special time together!