Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lil Sport

Jacob started his Lil Sluggers class yesterday and had a blast. They learn basic t-ball skills including running the bases, catching ground balls, throwing the ball, and of course hitting the ball or "whacking" the ball as Jacob says. It's also great exercise and good for his gross motor skills. Oh and the best part is there are only 2 kids in the class, including him. The other little boy is his best buddy, Kenneth! Let's just say, he was sweaty and worn out after his class. He came home and slept for almost 2 hours. Plus he had his karate class earlier in the day which he also left with red cheeks!

He was so excited to wear his new t-shirt

Getting some instruction from the coach

And of course Luke had a great time too. He played with Kenneth's twin sister, Kayla. They ran around almost the entire time.

The past 2 weeks in karate they have been practicing for the upcoming tournament, which we didn't participate in. Not quite ready for a tournament. Anyway, when they wear this gear, it is called "sparring". Jacob wasn't too sure about this and looked a little sad that he was getting punched. But once he got the hang of it, he won both rounds he participated in.


  1. Well isn't he quite the little sporty fella?! I'm glad he's getting to do these neat activities. Hmm, I think the sparring equipment looks a little scary to Aunt Kyla!! :)

  2. Oh my, Jacob looks AWESOME in his full taekwondo gear! (I'm sure I spelled that wrong!) He looks so into it, and I love the picture where he is bowing. So cute! I bet he'll love the t-ball, too. It's so great that he can get involved in all these activities at a young age to see which ones "stick" for him. I'm hoping to do the same for Connor...but all he wants to do is FOOTBALL!

  3. Jacob is becoming quite the athelete! It is awesome that he wants to try all these different sports and that he has parents who can and will support his participation! Go Jacob! Go Katherine and Jim! I'm with Jacob about being sad over getting punched... Not so much! LOL. Glad he seems to have overcome! I'm sure he will be winning those tournaments soon!

  4. Is he not the cutest thing?! The t-ball photos are cute, but I'm still really digging the tae kwon do photos! You go, Jacob, winning your little sparring match! That's what I'm talking about! Your Aunt Amanda is so proud of you! Keep up the good work, buddy! Love and hugs.

  5. The one of him bowing is one of the cutest things I've ever seen! I just cannot imagine him punching or being punched. That's crazy! I'm sure it's good for him though. So glad he is enjoying all of the fun activities he's doing. And glad Lukie has a playmate!