Sunday, November 1, 2009


The boys had a great time trick-or-treating this year! Jacob couldn't get to the houses fast enough and Luke learned very quickly what to do! Jacob also enjoyed passing out the candy at the house. After the first set of kids came and left Jacob said, "Ok, I'll stand here at the door and wait for our next customers." Customers...if only we made a little money off of all the candy we passed out! :)


Mr. Giraffe or "my pet giraffe" as Jacob called him

Jacob- '06 in the same costume. Just to give you a comparison in size. Jacob was 12 months here and Luke is 21 months when wearing the same costume.

Luke's our little peanut. And yes, Luke is running from Jacob as Jacob has a hold of the tail! Boys!!!!

Their little friends

More neighborhood friends

Muscle Men

He's on a mission...don't get in the way of Jacob and his candy!

It took Luke going to a few houses to get the hang of this whole trick-or-treating thing. But let me tell ya, once he got the hang of it he wasn't shy at the least bit.

When he wasn't grabbing his own candy, Luke prefered the candy in his hand rather than in his basket.

Luke just didn't know what to think

I guess his basket was a little heavy

Getting a little support here from brother. Luke walked almost the entire time we were out!

Luke telling me he will be right back, by holding up his index finger

Momma and her boys

Momma and her boys- 2008

Look at all that candy. Luke thought it would be fun to walk through it all!

Carving our pumpkin. I had LOTS of help! It was cold and windy so we moved to the garage.

This was at Jacob's halloween party at school last Thursday. Luckily there was an empty chair b/c Luke wasn't gonna be left out of the festivities!


  1. Katherine, they are sooooooo precious! And, you had so many cute little friends trick or treating, too! My favorite line is from Jacob on waiting for the next customers! LOL! Fun! Great memories!

  2. I definitely laughed out loud about the "customers" bit - so so funny!! And their costumes were GREAT! I love that Jacob would wear the mask over his face; makes it look so authentic. And it certainly appears that Luke has a new favorite activity - he's a pro! It's so neat to see these kids trick-or-treating and really getting into the festivities. Great pictures!!

  3. Thank you for the pictures. It is fun comparing them to previous years. It looks like they had fun.

  4. Looks like you guys had tons of fun. Can't wait to take Jackson next year!

  5. What a fun night! I love how much they enjoyed it, and, boy, did they look cute! Wish I could have been there to hug their necks. And give them some candy. =)

  6. They are so cute in their costumes!! I love it! That's so funny how Luke caught on so fast! I bet they just had so fun!