Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lukie- 21 months

My baby boy will be 21 months on Saturday. He is getting so big, so quickly! He is loads of fun and here is what he has been up to lately:

*He loves, loves, loves Elmo.

*Because of his love for Elmo, he can pick out the color red when I ask him (most of the time). We are working on the other colors as well.

*He continues to love, love, love books! He always brings a book to me, backs up towards me to sit in my lap so we can read together. And by reading I mean I'm trying to frantically point out things on the page as he is frantically turning the pages.

*And wouldn't you know his favorite book is an Elmo book!

*He loves his shape sorter. He can pick up a shape and find the correct shape hole to put it into. So big!

*He does NOT like to get his teeth brushed! Now, he has a mouth full of teeth. He has all of them but 4 (the 2 yr molars). So he seriously needs a good brushing. So the routine is I put the toothpaste on his toothbrush. He holds the toothbrush up to his eyes and makes a frown and points to the tube for more! He is never satisfied with the amount of toothpaste on there. So, I routinely open the tube back up and put a teeny bit more on which makes him happy. He then chews on his toothbrush for awhile. I then try my best to brush which usually ends up with lots of tears! Not fun by any means. I'm ready for this phase to pass!

*I have been blessed with both of my boys being great eaters. Recently Luke has been eating asparagus, broccoli, sweet potatoes, cheese, cooked carrots, beans, black olives, any fruit, chicken, fish sticks, hamburger meat.

*He HAS to have some kind of "dip, dip" as we say when he eats. It can be any type of salad dressing, ketchup, hot sauce, etc. He loves to dip all of his food in his dip, dip. Better yet, he loves dipping his fingers in it and eating it directly.

*Now you would think b/c he likes to eat and eats well, he would drink milk. Not so much! Neither Luke or Jacob will drink milk. That's why I'm so glad he at least gets his calcium from his cheese and broccoli.

*We've recently been doing "Ring Around the Rosie" and he loves it! He is so dramatic with his fall at the end, it's so funny!

*He continues to favor his left hand!

We love and enjoy our little Lukie!


  1. Your little Luke is a very blessed young man. I enjoyed the "dip dip" part! Such fun things to remember!

  2. I can relate to the Elmo love! Do you ever record Sesame Street so that he can watch Elmo's World? Connor loved that when he was in his Elmo phase! (lala lala, lala lala, Elmo's world...)

    Like Tanna, I also love the "dip dip" -- precious! He is such a sweetie!

  3. My favorite story is about not liking to brush the teeth. Who knew it could be such an ordeal? I get I'll encounter lots of stuff like that as Alex gets older. Lukie could hang out with Isabel - she's a fan of the "dip, dip" too! Hugs to that sweet boy for me!

  4. Aww, little Lukie is gettin so big!! It's so fun to see him learn and grow as he gets older! We're so proud of him!

    Love you!

  5. What a sweet post about little Lukie! I'm so glad he's such a great eater and love that he needs his dip dip! And I love that he loves his books. So sweet how he come to you to look at the books. And I feel your pain about the teeth brushing. It's not going well around here these days.