Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I was thinking the other day just how many nicknames Jacob and Luke have. I thought it would be fun to list all the names and who they are "also known as"...

It all started after Jacob was born and Jim immediately started calling him..."Bug" And it stuck!!

He also goes by:

Bug-a-boo- mommy calls him this
Honey bears- mommy again
Punkin' bear- what Aunt Kyla calls him
Chiba- Jacob would say this word when he first began to talk and now my dad always calls him this

Luke has many names as well. When I was pregnant and Jacob couldn't say Luke he some how started calling him "Baby R". Not sure where it came from but it stuck for a few months after he was born. After Luke was born, Jim was very stressed out b/c a nickname wasn't coming to him like it did for Jacob. However, over time a few names did come. Here are a few:

Luck- Jim started this one
Lucky Bear- what Jim always call him
Lukie- what we all call him
Little- Jacob's most recent name!! He just refers to him as "little". Too funny!Jacob has had many names for Luke, not sure where any of them have come from but a few others in the past have been "Lucky T" and "Luckzar". Again, not sure where these came from other than Jacob's ever growing imagination.

Crazy and strange, yes I know! However, every now and then we actually call them Jacob and Luke! haha


  1. I love this post! You are so right. There always seem to be "a.k.a."s. Certainly, Little Man, has SEVERAL! LOL. I have to tell Jacob that his Aunt Amanda was Cheech (CheeCheeLaVonn, and other variations) for YEARS... all because that is something SHE would first say as she ran dancing from the tub after her baths! Cutest thing you ever saw. I would laugh til I cried! She had this big kangeroo toy box (held the toys in its pouch) and she would hold its hands and dance away... all the time repeating CheeChee. LOL! Good memories... all the sweet a.k.a.s.

  2. Katherine, I love your post! So so cute! I think my favorites are Chiba for Jacob (because of the origin) and Lukie for Luke (because it's just so darn cute!) It's so sweet to have the pet names for your kids, and it's even sweeter when the older kids like Jacob pick up on them!

    Around our house we call Kevin "Kevie" quite a bit, and it's so sweet to hear Connor call him that all the time. Connor sometimes goes by "Conman" and "Baby K" is the most popular one for Kaitlynn right now.

    Tanna - LOVE the story about Amanda!! That is priceless! What I wouldn't give to see that on video!!! :-)

  3. I LOVE nick names for kids. You know you are truly loved when your mommy and daddy have a special name for you. I love that you call Luke Lukie because that's what I love to call him! And of course Laine loves to call Jacob little pup. So so fun!

    We call Jackson Baby J, buddy, scoota poot, Little J, and Aunt Courtney and Mumsey call him Jack Jack.

    And you know what my nick name was as a kid...DooDoo!

    Fun post!

  4. I just laughed out loud when I read your post. I have been thinking about making a similar post, too. How funny! I may have to do that just to keep a little log running for myself - that's one of the main benefits of making posts, ya know.

    Alex's nicknames are endless. The latest - "Munch-a-Bunch." Both Jerry and I call him that. =)

  5. oh my gosh that is so funny! But you forgot Lukiepoo! :) Such sweet nicknames for such sweet little boys!