Friday, October 23, 2009

Sisters Weekend

I'm a little behind in my posts. October has shaped up to be an extremely busy month but we are home now and plan to be for awhile.

Last weekend, Kristina, Annie, Luke and myself flew up to Minneapolis to spend the weekend with Kyla and Michael. We hadn't seen them since March and were much overdue for a visit. We had a great time. They are having one of the coldest Octobers on record so it was a bit of a change from our good 'ole Texas weather. But it was nice and refreshing. Saturday, Kyla drove us by the offices of Cargill where both she and Michael work. Then we hit the Mall of America and spent a good 4-5 hours there. Needless to say, we were pooped after that shopping trip! Sunday we went to a little Fall festival. Luke and Annie had a blast...

They had so much fun in the hay maze

They had a blast playing with Aunt Kyla

This was a "corn pit", it was about 4 feet tall of corn. I had never seen this before. Annie loved it. Luke wasn't too sure.

Luke was trying to figure it all out

Running through the corn maze

Can't catch me

Who needs the path, we'll create our own


Just the right size for a little seat

Aunt Kyla and Uncle Michael

Nothing says "fall" like these trees

While Luke and I were gone for the weekend, let just say there was some male bonding going on back at home. Jacob and Jim had a great weekend together. And they were busy. It was homecoming up at North Texas so they went to the bonfire Friday night which Jacob loved! He also talked a lot about the cheerleaders! haha
Saturday, Jacob rode his bike while Jim tried to keep up on foot, to a local donut shop for breakfast. Then they went to play lunar golf in the mall which Jacob loves! Then nap time it was, for both of them I think! Then they went to the North Texas game that night in Denton. Jim's dad joined them. They made it through the first half and headed home. Sunday they went to church, went to a trial class of Little Sluggers then met up with Jim's mom for the afternoon. After their visit, Jim and Jacob were off to play putt-putt golf. Jacob informed me he liked this better than the lunar golf in the mall. They ended up playing 4 games of putt-putt. 18 holes for each game. Wow! I think Jim wore Jacob out after all of this fun!

We also just got back from spending a few days in Kilgore with my parents when my mom had her surgery. Kyla ended up flying down for it too so it was a treat seeing her again just days after our trip up there.


  1. How beautiful is our sweet Mom?! :)

    It was so fun when yall came up here - we had such a blast!! That corn maze place was so fun and it was so cute to watch Luke & Annie just take off running and having so much fun! It was great seeing yall again this week at mom and dad's. I think we all needed some good time together to smile and laugh!

    I love you and miss you!

  2. Great photos. Great adventures. Great stories.

    When we took Alex to the pumpkin patch they had a "corn crib" that was like the corn pit. I thought that was such a fun idea for kids.

    While you were in Minnesota, did you get the feeling?

    Love the photos of you and your family. So sweet!

  3. What a fun weekend for both you and the boys! I just love how you are so close with your sisters. The pictures are great and your Mom is looking gorgeous!!

  4. Oh my goodness. Looks like everyone had a great time! So glad you and Luke were able to go and that Jacob had so much fun with his dad! Glad your mom's surgery went well.

  5. Now, that's a beautiful family of women!! Both inside and outside. So glad you have had this time with your sisters and your mom... I know it was deeply appreciated. I'm with Kyla, the time to laugh and smile is all too necessary!

    Glad Jim and Jacob enjoyed their weekend, too! The cheerleader part cracks me up! Reminds me of my own 26 y/o son! Who knew they CAME like that???