Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

I was looking through my pictures today and realized how behind I am on updating my blog. We got our Christmas tree last weekend and had lots of fun decorating it with the boys. We got lucky, no ornaments were broken and Luke only got tangled up in the lights once! So not too bad for having two small, very eager helpers! :)

We were originally going to go to a tree farm in Kilgore since we were in town the weekend after Thanksgiving. However, the rainy weather changed our minds. We then thought it would be fun to go to a tree lot here. They bring the trees in so we thought this would feel some what like going to a real tree farm. We got lots of fun pictures but just couldn't pay $120+ for a tree that we were going to put out in the trash in 3 short weeks. Sadly, we then went to Home Depot and got a tree for 1/4 of the price and it looks great!

They had all kinds of wooden cut-outs

The boys had fun running all around

Jacob climbed to the top before I knew it

Helping Daddy reach those high branches

They loved the step ladder

Jacob took this one


  1. Looks like you guys had tons of fun. Can't wait to see your beautiful tree this weekend!

  2. I know that tree is just beautiful with all those angels decorating it!! Looks like the boys had a blast at the "tree farm" whether the tree came from there or not! A good adventure all around!

    BTW, we just went last night to the "tree farm" on the loop. $225 for a tree. Nope. My frugal self just could not cough that up. Went to Home Depot... prices much better... only one left in the size we need... poor little trunk was so curved I think it had scoliosis. We still have no tree (well I do have an artificial one in the basement... may have to settle for that).

  3. Beautiful tree! Mine came from Home Depot, too...although it's not a real one!