Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Fun

It's crazy to me that Christmas has come and gone. But we sure did enjoy it. I have a TON of pictures to post from various Christmas outings we did and of course Christmas Eve and Day!

In early December my great friend Lauri and her family came up from Houston. This has been a tradition for several years now and is something I so look forward to each year.

On Saturday, we were able to get all 5 kids down for a nap and Dana, Lauri and I went to the mall and had some much needed "girl time". We only went into a few stores and the rest of the time we sat in the food court and just talked, uninterrupted! It was fabulous! We missed you Amanda, it just wasn't the same without you guys here with us!

The Dads with all the kiddos

All the kiddos

Jacob at his school Christmas party. Enjoying his very 'red' cupcake!

Every year I paint an ornament for our tree and my parents tree and put a current picture of the the kids in it. This year, Jacob helped and did a great job.

We went to Northpark mall a few weeks ago and went to see the trains they set up every year. Luke is such a lover of trains and was in heaven the entire time.

Just look at that sweet face....

Jacob enjoyed it too

Sweet, sweet brothers

While we were in East Texas last weekend, we went and rode the Polar Express train ride. It is based on the movie and was done very well. All the kids wear their pajamas, get hot chocolate and a cookie while on the way to the "north pole". It was basically about a 20 minute train ride one way and once we got to the north pole there were elves, Santa and all kinds of little houses set up and decorations to resemble the north pole. Santa then came aboard and went to every train car and gave each child a bell because they believe. It was very, very cute! And the kids had a blast.

Luke giving his ticket to the conductor so he could punch it, just like in the movie.

As you can see we took advantage of the fun, festive activities this time of year and had a blast. I will post more pictures soon from Christmas Eve and Day! Hope all of you had a wonderful and blessed Christmas!


  1. Aww, what fun pics! I typed just about the same description on my blog of the polar express too. :) It was so fun and seeing how excited the kids were was just precious!
    It was so fun being with yall over the holidays. I love you and miss you already!

  2. The Polar Express looks like so much fun!!! How exciting for the kiddos!! Very happy ya'll had such a wonderful Christmas. It is such a special, special time for family.

  3. Oh my, those pictures are all so great! My absolute favorite is the one with Luke looking out the window at the can see his sweet reflection in the window, like some kind of professional photo! Love it!

    And the Polar Express looked like such a blast for all the cousins! We were hoping to go this year but didn't make it. It definitely looks like a great time for the kids. What a fun holiday!

  4. Hmmm. Let's see...what is on my to-do list for December 2010?
    Polar Express Train Ride
    North Park Train exhibit
    Friend Dinner

    That settles it. I need to spend the whole month of December back in Texas. I must begin making plans to see how in the world I can make that happen! ;-)

  5. The Polar Express train ride looks like so much fun! Jackson would have loved it and would have said, "choo choo!" Glad you enjoyed a nice christmas with family. By the way, your mom looks great!