Saturday, January 2, 2010

More Christmas Fun

We were very blessed with having a great Christmas, several times! We have great families and feel so thankful for the generous Christmases we had. We had Christmas with the Webb's on 12/23 and then went to my parents on Christmas Eve and spent the next few days in Kilgore.

At Papa Jim and G-Lana's. Does it look like Christmas or what?

Sweet little Emily loved playing with all of Jacob's new trucks

Sweet boys

Playing with G-Lana. Where else but the kitchen floor!

Christmas Eve. Back in the day, we used to go to Midnight Mass, pre-kids of course. Then we started going to 6pm Mass. This year we went to 4pm on Christmas Eve. With 5 little ones, finding the best time to go before everyone is hungry for dinner and tired is key! So 4 pm it was and it worked out great!

My sweet parents

The Paniagua's + Oscar's brother, Fernando

Spreading the reindeer food that Jacob and I made

Christmas morning...awaiting Santa's surprises

Santa brought Jacob and Luke a tunnel/tent and an Easel board, among other things.

Checking out his new race car track

Jacob as Super Why

Loving his new baseball glove

For as long as I can remember we have gone to Rusk on Christmas Day to spend the rest of the day with the Eckel's. We usually go down early afternoon and have a great Christmas meal with most of the aunts/uncles and cousins followed by a gift exchange. And for as long as I can remember my Grandpa has worn this red shirt and Santa hat every Christmas day! He recently fell and broke his hip and got out of rehab just days before Christmas. We are so thankful he is doing much better and he is very determined to keep going and not let this keep him down. He is 87 years old and still travels, hunts, drives and of course drinks his beer. He is such a great person and I'm so thankful for him!

Back at home. They both got slippers and surprisingly Luke loves wearing his. He got Elmo and Jacob got giraffes.

Since we were in Kilgore on Christmas Eve, we missed the snow but when we got back 2 days later, the boys had fun playing in what was left.


  1. Katherine, those are such wonderful Christmas traditions. Memories that will last lifetimes. I especially love the photo of the boys hugging! They are just too sweet! Happy New Year!!

  2. What a blessing to have such fun Christmas celebrations huh?! I bet the boys are loving all their new fun toys! Love you and miss you!

  3. Looks like you guys had so much fun! I love the picture of all the cousins in red. What a great picture. Laine and I were actually talking Christmas Eve, wondering if you guys went to Midnight Mass. Glad to hear they have an earlier one for the kiddos! So glad your Grandpa got to celebrate with you guys too!

  4. I'm so glad your Grandpa was able to share the holidays with you. I can't believe all the stuff he still does! Great memories.

  5. Super fun Christmas! It's so great that all the kids can be together to celebrate. I think the most telling photo is the one with all the wrapping and paper strewn about...that is definitely a sign of a successful Christmas!!

  6. Where to begin...

    I'm glad to hear that your Grandpa is not letting his broken hip get him down. That's amazing. I have to admit that your Grandpa has always inspired me. He's so active and you can just tell that he wants to enjoy every bit of life. We could all stand to learn from his example.

    I LOVE the picture of Jacob hugging Luke in the "sweet boys" photo. They just look so happy, don't they?

    Please tell me how on earth you guys got the kids to line up in the hallway to wait to see what Santa brought? That never would have happened in my house. Ever. To say that I'm impressed is an understatement.

    I think you should frame the picture of Luke checking out his new race track. Too cute!

    Love all the kiddos dressed up for Mass. Now that's a good-looking crew.

    I'd say this group didn't have anybody on Santa's naughty list. Quite impressive. =)