Sunday, January 31, 2010

Luke is 2!!

My sweet baby boy turned 2 today! Wow- how can it be 2 years already?? I guess the old saying "time flies when you're having fun" is so so true. I love being the mother to my sweet, sweet boys. We have so much fun together and I feel so blessed to have them in my life! We got to have 2 parties for Luke this year. We had a little party for him this weekend at my parent's house and then one today here with Jim's family and some friends. Since our house is on the market, we decided having the party at our house wouldn't be the best option so we went to a nearby McDonalds and the kids had a great time.

Helping Daddy hang the streamers at Gma and Gpa's

Luke loved opening all of his presents

He had lots of eager helpers

Sweet smile while we were singing Happy Birthday

He did great at blowing out his candles


What would a day be without rough playing with Grandpa. They wore him out!!

Sweet brothers- Jacob has been so excited for Luke's birthday. All day he was calling him "my birthday boy". And this morning when Luke woke up, Jacob was so excited to tell him that he was finally 2!

Being silly

Today at his party at McDonalds

The birthday boy

Another sweet smile while we sang Happy Birthday

My blue eyed boy

Luke is doing so much these days. He still loves his books. And he finally will sit while I actually read the pages. He doesn't try to flip thru the pages anymore which is so nice. His favorite book now is Goodnight Moon. He loves to read it just before bed and after we finish it, he holds up his index finger for one more time. He loves it!

He continues to favor his left hand, EXCEPT when he is coloring. Which is so funny to me. He always puts his crayon in his right hand but everything else he does with his left. I'm anxious to keep watching this to see which way he goes.

And speaking of coloring, he LOVES to color. Anytime he finds a piece of paper laying around, he HAS to get a pen or crayon and color on it. I love it! So of course he got a coloring pad and washable markers for his birthday.

He has been holding up 2 fingers showing that he is two years old. And wouldn't you know I still can't capture that one on camera. He's too quick.

He still loves his "dip dip". Even has to have his Italian dressing to dip his waffle in at breakfast time. I know, I know! He recently has been eating scrambled eggs which is great to me. Jim and Jim's dad can't stand the thought of eggs, the look, the smell etc. Jacob is not a fan either so it thrills me that Luke is liking them these days!

Luke continues to love animals. He gets so excited when he sees any type of animal...dogs, cats, cows, horses, birds etc. So for Christmas we got him a little toy dog that barks and wags his tail. Luke loves him. He started calling him "Pups" and is usually now the first word he says when he wakes up in the morning.

Naptime in the car with Pups close

Pups even went to Target with us one day

Luke loves his Grandma time. My mom came up a few weekends ago and she treated them to a carousel ride at Grapevine Mills mall.

And of course he loves his big brother

We love our little Lukie and are so thankful for the joy he brings to our family!


  1. Happy Birthday to Luke!! Happy Birthday to Luke!! Katherine your telling of Luke's birthday was wonderful. Those boys are so very blessed. I especially loved the photo of you and Luke. Sweet, sweet, sweet. Time does fly when you are having fun. =)

  2. Well, I guess this answers my question earlier about Luke's party! I just LOVE the stories and pictures...I feel like I'm there with you guys. Anyway, I'm so glad Luke had such a special weekend for his birthday. You know, I LOVE the McDonalds party idea and I have a feeling we'll be doing more of those "offsite" parties as the kids get older. It looks like everyone had such a fun time. And Luke is turning into such a handsome big boy...the haircut, the smile, the fancy duds! What a sweet, precious boy! I'm sorry we couldn't celebrate in person with you!

  3. You captured so many great pictures in this post. Lukie was SO cute when we were singing to him. He had the hugest smile on his face. Jackson had so much fun playing at McDonalds for the party. What a big boy Luke is now!!

  4. Sweet Little Lukie - you are precious. It looks like you had great fun at your birthday, and I sure wish we could have been there to celebrate with you. I love that Jacob was so excited to greet you the morning of your birthday to tell you that you are now two years old. The love you two share is very special.

    Kat - love all the pictures. They tell a wonderful story of love.

  5. What a sweet little recap on little Luke! I can't believe he is 2! Looks like he had so much fun at his birthday parties!
    Love you! Tell my Godson we love him too!