Saturday, July 24, 2010

Date night

Some friends of ours volunteered to watch the boys while Jim and I had one last night out before the baby gets here. We happily accepted their offer. :)

We went to Rick's Chophouse on the square in McKinney. We had a great time and the food was just perfect. Although I will say that nothing would have topped the meal off better than a glass of red wine with my steak dinner. Oh how I've missed my wine. :)

On another note, we put Sarah's car seat in the car and rearranged the seats. Jacob now sits in the middle, Luke behind me and Sarah will be behind the passenger seat. Have you ever seen so many seats in one row? Gotta love the Honda Pilot!

How sweet are they? I expected Luke to put up a little fuss once we moved his seat but he didn't blink an eye. And of course Jacob loves being in the middle, knowing he will eventually be able to help with Sarah and also be next to Luke.

And on another note, we had our friends, the Seifers over one night last week. They have 3 kids and it was fun watching all the kids play together.

Dinner time

All playing a game of Candy Land


  1. Glad you got to squeeze in one last date night for a while. Sounds like it was a good one at that. =)

    And look at all those babies in the back seat! Precious cargo, I tell ya! Can't wait till that third one arrives. Every day I wake up and wonder if it's going to be the day...

  2. Yay for one last date night before the big day! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Too funny about your wine, ha ha!

    Hard to believe you can fit 3 carseats in there like that! And it's definitely wise to put Jacob in the middle. He is going to LOVE his big brother role with another one in the mix!

    I agree with Amanda, I wonder each day when I wake up! She'll be here so soon!

  3. I'm so glad you got to go on one last date night. Laine and I need to make sure to do that! It was great to see you guys tonight. You are looking great - you'd have no idea that you could be giving birth any moment now! :-) Can't wait to meet your precious Sarah!

  4. That is so funny...we had date night tonight too. I love Rick's Chophouse! It is a great place! I have my cell phone with me and the ringer is on high, so if you need me, call me!

  5. So glad you and Jim had a nice date night! It is so exciting knowing your Sarah will be here so soon. The sight of three car seats all in a row is something else! That is some precious cargo.