Thursday, December 16, 2010

More Christmas Fun

Isn't December a fun month? Christmas activity after Christmas activity. Busy yet fun!

Jacob had a little Christmas program at his school last week. Here he is with his little friend Roshan before taking the stage.

These were all the 3's and 4's.

He's on the back row in the red and black sweater.

They had their Christmas party following the program. Craft time.

They got to decorate sugar cookies for their snack. And of course Lukie wasn't going to be left out. He is sitting on the end. Good thing I was in charge of the cookies so I could make sure and bring extras for the siblings! haha! Funny thing is, sweet Luke was in a mood that day and demanded 2 cookies to decorate. I had to give in to that request in order to avoid a complete meltdown. Could you imagine?

Our dear friends, Lauri and Jeff from Houston came up for the weekend. We had a great visit and I enjoyed my time with the girls! A pedicure and a blizzard with the girls along with good conversation was just what I was needing!

We took the kiddos to the mall earlier in the day to play and were able to get this sweet picture of them all! From left to right- Sarah, Connor, Jacob, Luke, Jackson, Kaitlynn and Ryan.

Jackson and Luke- best buds

Jacob and Ryan (Dana's little boy)

We made Christmas cookies and the boys had lots of fun, messy fun! They decorated Nutter Butters to look like Santa.

And then we spread the Christmas cheer to the neighbors.

I walked into the room and found Jacob looking at his Bible along with his rosary. He said he got his Bible and rosary out of his night stand because Jesus is coming. How sweet is that!

We met Dana and boys at the mall one day last week and both Sarah and Ryan were awake and we were able to snap this sweet picture. Sarah is 13 days older!

And of course I have a few sweet pictures of Sarah to post.
Baby, it's cold outside!

Sarah's Godparents brought this sleeper back from Alaska. Bearly Awake!

Sarah has officially mastered the hand to mouth coordination. She puts EVERYTHING she can in her mouth. Oh and she now has TWO yes TWO teeth. She got her first tooth last Wednesday, Dec 8 and the second one on Friday, Dec 10. Four months and six days and boom the first tooth appears. I've got some early teethers!


  1. What a fun blog post - I love all the pics!! Jacob is so cute with his little school friend! Looks like y'all had such a blast when Lauri was in town, I bet all the kids are so cute together! That was the sweetest picture and story about Jacob getting his bible and rosary out - sweet little Catholic! And Sarah's smile just warms my heart!! One more week til I get to see you all! :)

  2. I have to tell, your blog brought sweet tears to my eyes. What a precious daughter I have. You are such a good mommy!! I can't tell you how very proud I am of you! You always make a point to keep Christ as the center of Christmas and it shows with Jacob and his bible and rosary. You teach them to care for others. They are all so sweet! I can't wait to see you in a week!!! I love you all so much!!

  3. I second everything your Mom said. She does have an incredibly precious family. All of those sweet little smiles are so contagious!! Thank you for sharing them!!

  4. I love the pictures! Jacob looks like he is having a blast with his school activities. I bet they had fun passing out goodies to the neighbors. We do it and everyone seems so appreciative and surprised. It's a shame people don't do it more.

  5. You all have certainly been busy spreading Christmas cheer! I wish I were one of your neighbors who had received the Nutter Butter Santas. Those looked like they were really cute - and yummy!

    Jacob has such a big heart for Jesus. He has for a long time now. I know as a mom you must be so proud to see him focusing on the most important thing this time of year (and at other times, too). It sure does melt my heart.

    I'm loving the updates and all the pics, even if it does look like Sarah's growing up too fast. Ha! That smile is just priceless. Wish I were there to steal some sugars from all three of your babies. Love you!

  6. Your mom is right. You are such a great mom! I've always thought you do such a great job doing so many fun activities with your kiddos - especially this time of year. The cookies were great and I bet the neighbors enjoyed them. We actually made cookies and delivered them to our neighbors as well. I think it's good for the kids to participate in doing nice things for others. (Of course it was a little embarrassing to me when we were at our neighbors house and Jackson went and started looking in their pantry. :-)) I love Sarah's bearly awake PJ's - we all know that's probably not true - pretty sure she's really awake. haha! What a nice treat to walk and and see Jacob reading his Bible. It's so much fun to see the young kids coming into their faith.

    I have to tell you that I've had so much fun spending time with your kiddos recently. It melts my heart that Jacob likes going to lunch with us and how much Lukie has opened up to me. Love them!

  7. I loved reading all about your fun Christmas activities!! I'm sure we are all feeling the same -- so much to do and not enough time to do it! Is it just me or has Chritmas totally snuck up on us?

    A couple things... (1) I'm so impressed that you make treats for your neighbors. Never in a million years would I think of that! (2) I love Sarah's sweet smiles and outfits. I feel like you and I are already bonding over this daughter stuff -- it's so fun!! (3) I second everything in the previous comments about what a great Mom you are! Despite all the busyness of the season, you find time to bring out the meaning of it with your boys. Way to go!!