Friday, December 3, 2010

'Tis the Season

Sarah would like to tell you what we've been up to lately...

This is me on my first Thanksgiving.

My bros and my cousin Emily watching a movie at Papa Jim and G-Lana's house on Tgiving day.

Jacob is not only a good big brother but a good cousin to Emily!

We had a fun night with our good friends Jackson and Ryan. We went to the McKinney square and enjoyed a festive night complete with a horse carriage ride, bounce house and dinner.

Mom thought it would be fun to go cut down a tree from a real tree farm. There aren't too many around here but she and Daddy found one in Denison which was about 45minutes away.

We had to find just the right one.

I like my new ride that Mom got for us. She got a great deal on it on Black Friday.

I was worn out from all this tree farm fun. Gotta love that fresh country air!

Mommy and Daddy thought it would be fun to get a bigger tree than usual since we have more room for it this year. It's big all right!

I got front row seating while everyone else decorated the tree.

Mommy thought it would be fun to get the boys a little tree for their room. They love it!

And of course the boys had to decorate a gingerbread house.

And lately when the boys hear Christmas music they stop what they are doing and start dancing like this. Such silly brothers I have! But I can't wait until I'm big enough to join in on the fun.

And my doctor recently told my Mom that I could practice sitting up. So here I am. But I don't think I'm quite ready for this milestone. I kept falling forward.

And speaking of the doctor, I went for my 4 month well check on December 2 and I weigh 16 pounds and am 25.5 long, 95th and 97th percent. I'm a big girl! We are thankful that I am doing everything I'm supposed to be doing. Here are a few more things I've been doing...

* I have learned to roll over. From my belly to my back that is. Everyone was so excited. I rolled over my right side first. Then mommy rolled me back to my tummy and I then decided to roll over to my left side. I was putting on quite the show for the fam.
* I have found that my voice can go really high. I like to squeal when I'm really happy!
* I also can laugh now. Mommy does some silly things that make me giggle. She always looks so happy when I laugh. Jacob can also make me laugh.
* I am trying to reach for things now. It's not always easy to get what I'm after but I'm sure working at it.
* Mommy thinks I'm teething because I am constantly chewing on my fingers and I soak through about 3 or more bibs a day. I'm one droolin' girl!
* Today at the store, Mommy bought size 3 diapers.

I'm looking forward to celebrating my first Christmas. Mommy tells me that we are going to see Santa next week so be on the lookout for that picture. I sure hope Luke will be in the picture with us. He sure seems scared of the big guy! Hope you all are enjoying the Christmas season so far! Love to all!


  1. Aww, what a fun update from Sarah's perspective! I just can't believe how much she has changed! I'm glad we'll get to see her soon!
    Love all the fun holiday stuff y'all have been able to do lately - so fun...especially with all the little people! :) Love you all!

  2. Thank you, Miss Sarah! I sure enjoyed catching up on your holiday adventures! From the gobble-gobble to the Christmas trees, it was all great fun! Santa sure has some sweet kiddos to visit!! Merry Christmas to all!!

  3. Well, Miss Sarah, I simply LOVED your updates and your pictures! May I say you are looking mighty precious in your girlie bows and outfits. I'm so glad you've been having such fun with your first holiday season. You have SO much more fun in store, you just wait! I am so excited to get to see you in person next weekend and experience those smiles and giggles firsthand!!!

  4. I can't believe how quick Sarah is growing! I am completely amazed at the tree in the boys room because if I did that for Emily, it would be torn to pieces in five minutes!! Thanks for sharing! I love looking at these posts :)

  5. You guys have been busy! I love that you guys went and cut down a tree. I think that's a great tradition and the kids will always remember it. Makes me feel kind of bad that we ended up getting a fake. But it sure was so easy this year! I can't wait to see your big tree in person. I think it's fun that the boys have a tree in their room. I'm with Rhonda, if I put one in Jackson's room it wouldn't last long.

    You always do lots of fun stuff with the kiddos at Christmas time. Great memories!

    Love the picture with the kids in their Santa hats. And the picture of me with the spit up on my shoulder!

  6. Well, well, well. You all have been very busy so far this holiday season. Packin' it full of memories - that's just one of the many reasons you are such a wonderful mommy!

    I couldn't help but wish that Jerry, Alex and I could have squeezed in on that horse and carriage ride. Looks like you guys had a great time.

    Isn't it so fun to have a ginormous tree? Especially when you have adequate ceiling height. (Unlike my first tree adventure when I lived on my own - ha!) We got our tree today (at Lowe's - just not enough time to truck it out to the tree farm), and we're set to decorate tomorrow. I can't wait to put up the ornament that has Jacob's first Christmas picture in it. Always brings a tear and a smile.

    I miss you, friend. Love you!