Monday, November 22, 2010

It's a Dirty Job...

...but somebody has gotta do it. Parenthood, that is!

Here are the Top 10 reasons why I find myself thinking this is one "dirty" job...

1. We go to the movies and load up on popcorn, candy and of course a Diet Coke for me. Which inadvertently gets knocked out of the cup holder and into my lap and all over my khaki pants. All within the first 5 minutes of the movie.

2. Upon the kids finishing their suckers in the car, they ask you to take their left over sucker sticks. I reach my hand back to get them and they get placed in my hand, sticky side first. EVERY time!

3. While I'm putting the kids in the car, I see dried up boogers that have been wiped on Sarah's car seat, Luke's car seat and Jacob's of course. Just ask for a tissue!

4. Jacob and Luke were rough playing. They crash and Jacob immediately gets a bloody nose. His first, I might add. Blood is dripping down his shirt, all over the carpet and all over me.

5. I take the boys to get their flu shots. I get mine first to show them my brave face and that it really doesn't hurt. I sit there with a huge smile on my face and reiterate "See, it doesn't hurt." Only thinking on the inside how much I wanted to wrinkle up my nose and say OUCH!

6. You don't realize until you have a broken toe just how often your feet get stepped on.

7. And of course there is always the moment when the first bite of chicken is too hot which then gets spit out into your hand!

8. We get a sitter for Jacob and Luke and decide to go out to dinner. We take Sarah with us. She sleeps through the first part of dinner then wakes up crying. I pick her up and hold her. She then proceeds to grunt, push and out shoots a diaper full. Which then shoots out all over my pants and onto the floor. And bright yellow I might add. And yes, these were the same khaki pants that were referenced in #1. These poor pants will never be the same.

9. And by no means was #8 a solo event. This actually has happened more with Sarah than the other two combined. I have been pooped on and spit up on more than I can ever remember. That's my girl! Thank goodness for Oxi Clean!!

10. And last but certainly not least, the ball cap is my friend these days. I mean really, who has time for daily hair washes and primping in the mirror when you've got 3 small kids to keep tabs on!

Oh, motherhood! It's one dirty job, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. Gotta love these messy, germ-carrying, precious, little angels! :-)


  1. I laughed through every single example in your post. It is for sure one dirty job. But the best dirty job we could ever hope to take on! Funny how boogers seemed a little grosser before they were coming from our own kids. Ha! Now the poop, well, that's just still gross. At least all of Sarah's plumbing is in full working order. And just in case you forget, she'll show you when you least want or expect it. =) Oh, and I'm with you on the ball cap. I only have one to keep up with, but I do love that the ball cap can shave off a good 10-15 minutes in the morning routine.

  2. Girl, I can identify with all of those. Jackson pooped, peed, and spit up on me NON-STOP. Ryan's not as bad thank goodness. Just today I found some cantaloupe on the car seat that has definitely been there for a few days. All sticky and dried up. I am constantly telling Laine that there is no reason to try to look nice because you end up all gross and dirty by the end of the day anyway!

    Sorry about the DC at the movie. That's a definite shame!!! And sorry about Jacob's bloody nose. Those are no fun! Scared me to death when Jackson got his first one (from falling face first on the tile!)

    It's because you are such a good mom that you get so dirty. I continue to be amazed by you! I know it's hard with three but you are doing great!

  3. Katherine - HILARIOUS!!! I can SO relate to most of those. Your poor khaki pants!!! ha! I think the one that would be the most devastating for me is the Diet Coke (regular for me, of course!) You know how us Moms LOVE our Cokes and sometimes it's the highlight of our day, so for it to spill like that before you could enjoy it...oh, the horror!! haha!

    I agree with Dana: I think the dirtier you are, the better Mom you are. So you go ahead and rock your dirty-ness because you're one of the best Moms I know! Great job!!

  4. Oh girl that is too funny!
    Loved the one about the boogers - those little stinkers! haha I'm so glad you appreciate every part of parenthood - the good, the bad, and the dirty! :D

  5. This is the funniest post I've ever seen you put on here! Every bit of it made me laugh! Laughing with you, of course :-)

  6. Super funny girl-love it! And the fact that you can laugh about it proves even more what a great momma you are! You are doing a great Job with those three littles! Love all the sweet pics from your previous posts too! Love you! Kristina

  7. ROTFLOL!! Ah... YES! It is a dirty job! And, the most rewarding you'll ever have. But, you know that. ;) Enjoyed the post ever so much!