Friday, November 12, 2010

Bows, bonnets, bloomers and the Bumbo seat

A few weekends ago Sarah and I met my mom, my aunt, Kristina and her two girls in Canton for the day. We had such a fun girls day! Sarah literally slept the entire day in her stroller except for the two times she woke up to eat. And she still managed to make out on the purchases. And I must is F.U.N having a girl!

Let me digress for a moment...
When we found out we were having a girl back in March it just didn't quite sink in. I was excited about having a girl but couldn't quite wrap my arms around what that meant. I remember my friend Amanda asking me while we were still in the hospital, "So does it feel any different having a girl?" And my response was "No." Now of course, we were still in the hospital and Sarah was only dressed in the hospital tshirt and swaddled up in their blanket. So, it didn't feel any different at this point. I will say the day we left the hospital and I put her in her dress to go home, it started feeling a little different. The more I dressed her in her "girlie" pink clothes, and accessorized with bows etc, it was starting to sink in a little more. And now that our little Sarah is 3 months, I am ALL about having a girl. All the PINK clothes never excited me in beginning but now I am all about the pink. It's just so sweet! And the bows and the bloomers and sweet little hats...come on now, it's adorable! I look forward to the many shopping sprees that I foresee in our future. :)

Ok, so back to Canton. I had fun picking out some new bows for Sarah.

And Grandma bought her this sweet little hat.

And a little girl must have a pair of bloomers with her name on it.

And a few sweet smiles will melt any momma's heart!

And a drooly smile is the best. I'm expecting her first tooth to be coming soon! Jacob and Luke got their first tooth at 4 months.

And just for some girl fun!

We are borrowing cousin Emily's Bumbo seat. Purple of course! She seems to like it but only lasts a few minutes before those muscles give out!

She is starting to put things in her mouth now.

Peace out mommy!

Wardrobe aside, I look forward to all the other things that having a sweet girl can and will bring to our family. :)


  1. OH.MY.GOODNESS! Love it! I love love love little girls in pink and bows. I used to dream of putting my little girl in the biggest tackiest bows I could find. Looks like that dream won't be coming true for me. haha! I'll just watch it through you and Lauri. So fun to see her in all the girly stuff. I'm so glad you are enjoying your sweet little girl and I'm so glad I'm close by to watch her grow up in all her cuteness!!!

    BTW - your pictures are great!

  2. Oh girl. It was only a matter of time until it "hit you!" And yes, I completely understand. I was never a girly girl myself and so I wasn't too excited about pink or anything. But seriously, it NEVER GETS OLD! Every single day I get Kaitlynn dressed it's like an adventure to see what cute outfit and accessories we can adorn her in. The bows, the tights, the boots, the mary janes, the ruffles....LOVE it!! Kaitlynn's clothes and shoes have easily become an obsession for me lately so I'm trying to reign it in. Not easy. I'm so glad you're having fun with your sweet baby girl and I can't wait to see all the precious girly things in the future. The bloomers and hat are tutu cute, haha! Speaking of, that's the next thing you need for her - a tutu! :-) Thanks for the fun post. Sarah is such a DOLL!!

  3. All the pink is wonderful... but, it's something even more... She will be the one who knows just how it feels to be a mom. She will know your heart.

    Sarah is a living doll! Love all the bows and embroidery!!

  4. Oh my gosh - those are the cutest pics ever! :) Sarah is so sweet! Love the pic where she is looking straight up at the camera with her big gummy smile! :) She looks so soft too I just want to hold and cuddle her!

  5. I knew it! I KNEW you'd go gaga for all the girlie stuff one of these days! =D The bows, the bloomers - everything! And little Sarah wears it all so well, I might add. She's a doll! I especially love the pics of the bloomers. So, so sweet! Girl, I see many more Canton trips in your future. That is THE place to get great deals on all kinds of cute stuff for little girls (and the home). Such a fun post. =)