Monday, August 22, 2011

First day of Kindergarten

After much anticipation, the first day of Kindergarten has come and gone. (this was actually taken at meet the teacher last week with Mrs. Naber. Super sweet teacher and we've heard GREAT things about her.)

Whew! Glad it's behind us. The day started early, early. I can't remember the last time I had to set my alarm. 5:45am. I was able to get myself ready and get breakfast made before anyone else was up. First Jacob at 6:30, then Luke and Sarah around 7:00. The goal was to head out for a few pictures at 7:15 and leave for school by 7:30. And somehow we managed to stay on track.

Yes, this is a Transformers backpack. We went round and round on finding just the right backpack. I really wanted a nice, non-character backpack, monogrammed with his name etc. But he was drawn to the character ones right away. What little boy wouldn't be, right? He has been on a Transformers kick lately. So I gave in.

He said this was his cool pose.

On the drive to school, Jacob was a little sad in the car. He said several times "The day is going to be sooooo long. And I have to go EVERY day." True, this is true. I know this will be the biggest adjustment for him. Eight to three really is a long time to be 'on' and engaged.

He was very apprehensive going in. Just like his momma, he enters new situations with much caution and reservation. He just didn't know what to expect. He asked me several times to ask the teacher what they would be doing all day. He needs to know details.

Getting his backpack and lunch box put away.

He teared up several times in class which broke my heart. I knew he would be fine once they got the day going and he could figure it all out.

After we said good-bye he gave us a little smile and a wave which made me feel better. After I picked him up he said "I did cry after you left. It was like one minute after you left then boom. But then my teacher came over and gave me a hug and I felt better." Boom, I thought that was so funny.

The PTO put on a Boo Hoo/Woo Hoo breakfast for the Kindergarten parents after drop off. Such a cute idea. There were a few moms crying but believe it or not I was not one of them. I don't think it's hit me yet. Ask me how I'm feeling in about two weeks, lol! It will catch up with me sooner rather than later I think!

They had a wonderful breakfast including fruit, muffins, granola, juice and coffee.

I thought the tables and flowers were so nice.

Let me tell you, come 2:30, I was ready to go get my baby. So we got in the car pool line around 2:40 and finally got him around 3:25. There were lines of cars coming from every direction, it was crazy. I knew the first week would be crazy but hopefully the pick-up will become easier soon. Once he got in the car, he plopped down in his seat with a very strong "Ahhh". When I asked him how his day was he replied "We just did everything after everything." Too tired to explain himself, I took that to mean he had a very busy day. He actually shared quite a bit with me about his day which I was glad about. When we got home, he sat right down and was very eager to show me something he made at school. Turns out, he had a great day!

I had asked him if he wanted to go to his favorite self-serve yogurt place, Cherry Berry for a little after school treat and he said he was too tired and just wanted to go home. Bless his little heart. But he suggested we make an Icee, so we did just that.

I put a little note in his lunch box and he kept it. I remember my mom always putting little notes in my lunch and I always loved that. :)

We got home around 3:30 and he literally played until it was dinner time around 6:00. I thought he would crash for awhile but he really was in a great mood and I could tell he had missed being at home. I was thrilled he had such a great day and really seemed excited about school. When I asked him if he was ready for tomorrow, he replied "Kind of". And had a little smile on his face when he said it!


  1. I loved loved loved hearing about Jacob's first day of school. Sounds like a very full day. And he looks so grown up in his pictures. A kindergartener for sure. I know he must have loved discovering his note from you in his lunchbox. I always think it's sweet when parents do that.

    So glad you both survived your first day of school! Lots of adventures ahead for the two of you!

  2. Tears to my eyes again. So wonderful to hear about Jacob's first day and that it went so well. His pose IS all over cool! (and WAY cute!) =D

  3. I am SO glad that Connor and Jacob could start this adventure together, so that their Mommies could experience these crazy emotions together, LOL!

    Jacob was such a trooper despite his initial hesitation. I can definitely see a little of his apprehension in the pictures, poor guy. But it sounds like he had such a successful first day and I know he'll adjust SO quickly because of all the fun they'll have. Way to go, Jacob!

    I just LOVE the parents' breakfast idea, so cute! And I wanted to mention...we just recycled a plain backpack for Connor and got his name embroidered on it for something a little special. Well, he came home from his first day of K requesting a backpack with more things on it, like pictures or characters!

    Keep me posted on how the rest of the week goes. Thinking of you!!

  4. You did such an amazing job of capturing the details and emotions of this special day. You are such an intentional momma, and I love that about you -- the notes, helping Jacob understand how his day will unfold, the offer to go to the yogurt shop. So sweet, Katherine.

    I love the idea of the boo hoo/woo hoo breakfast. That's awesome! And my favorite part of this whole post? Jacob's cool pose. Yeah, baby! Watch out world, here he comes!

  5. Oh I love all the pictures! He is so cute and I love his "cool" pose! I can't belive my little punkin bear is in kindergarten now! Sounds like he did great and was so brave!

    (by the way, sorry I try to comment more but half the time my comments won't ever work on your blog anymore. :(