Friday, August 26, 2011

The week in review

Week 1 of Kindergarten...check! So, so glad that first week is behind us. It was definitely a week of transition for us all. Jacob cried Monday and Tuesday in the car on the way to school and in the class room. Wednesday he just cried in the car and Thursday he didn't cry at all. In fact, he didn't really put up a fuss before we left the house either. I was so relieved. Friday was the same, he was more tired but excited it was his last day before the weekend. Despite the struggles we had in the morning, Jacob was always in a great mood when I picked him up. He was always very eager to show me what was in his folder, had great things to say about the day and overall was happy. Relief. He has said and done some things this week that I thought were worth noting. You know, for the record book and all.

Sunday night, the night before the first day, Jim was talking to Jacob about school. And all Jacob could say was "I'm just gonna miss Mommy." And Jim continued with how much fun he was going to have and on and on and Jacob said again, "I'm just gonna miss Mommy."

Monday night during prayers, I asked Jacob if he had any special intentions he wanted to add after his first day of school. He said, "Thank you God for protecting me at school today and please help me to not cry at school."

After a couple days of school, I asked him who he had been playing with and who he sits by at lunch time. Trying to get a feel for potential friends. He says Caden is his friend. I asked him if Caden sits with him at his classroom table. He said no. I asked him how he became friends with Caden and he said, "I just asked him if he wanted to be friends and he said sure." I would have paid to have heard that conversation.

In preschool, Jacob always had lots of friends that were girls. So I asked him if he was friends with any of the girls. He says, "Eeewwwww. No, not girls." I think we are entering the 'girls are gross' phase. Makes me laugh!

Wednesday morning I was talking with his teacher after drop off. I asked her how he was doing and she said, "He is adjusting really well. He asked me yesterday how much longer until Mommy comes. And I said about three hours. A little while later he asked me again and I said about two hours. And he said, well that's better than three." We both got a kick out of that!

He was the most excited about Thursday, which is probably why he didn't cry that morning. It was the day they got to go to the library. He was very impressed with the library when he saw it at meet the teacher night. He was so excited to go and check out a book. When I picked him up he couldn't wait to show us his book. He chose Clifford, The Small Red Puppy. He said, "Luke, I chose your favorite book. It's something we can all enjoy." Delights my heart!!

When I picked him up from school on Friday, the first thing he says when he gets in the car, "Luke, I've got great news. You can play with me the rest of today, all day tomorrow and all day the next day. I'm off of school."

Tonight after we read a book about going to school, it led into a conversation and I asked him, "If someone is being mean, ugly or a bully to you what do you do?" And he replied, "I say, I'm outta here."!! Not quite what I thought he would say but hey that works.

I look forward to all the fun this year has in store for him. I'm excited for him and for the school year. Now, a week and a half until Luke starts preschool...


  1. I LOVE that two hours are better than three!! That's a wonderful little half-full guy! Bless his precious heart. It was so sweet to choose Luke's favorite book. He is doing so well. I know it will be really quiet at your house next week. sending hugs and blessings ~tanna

  2. Glad to hear that Jacob (and you) survived the first week. I can't wait to hear more about his adventures at school. I'm gonna miss him this week when we get together!

  3. Your sweet Jacob... He does look for the best in things, doesn't he? And he truly is one of the most thoughtful little guys I know. You have done a good, no, make that GREAT, job of raising him, Momma. I think this is gonna be a fun year for him, and I look forward to hearing more of his stories.