Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sarah at 13 months

Little Miss Sarah Bear is growing like a weed, doing so much and is keeping us very busy. Here are a few things she has been up to these days.

Let's start with the NOT list first...
*She does not like her baths anymore. She likes to sit and play in the bath but it's all over when it's time to get washed. She also likes to stand up in the bath tub which is never a good idea.
*She does not like her changing table. It's immediate tears when I lay her down to change her diaper or get her dressed.
*She does not like milk. I've tried several different types, chocolate, vanilla but she still isn't interested.
*She does not like eating right now. Not only is she picky, but she really seems to have no interest in eating finger foods or baby foods. I have tried all kinds of different things. Most times, she'll take 2-3 bites then is done.
*She does not like when her brothers take something from her or get in her way. She lets them know by a very loud scream.

Here are things she does seem to like...
*She likes walking backwards and also she likes backing up to sit in your lap.
*She loves the stairs. If she sees the boys move the gate to go upstairs, she heads straight for the stairs. She loves climbing up the stairs.
*She loves being outside. If any door opens, she heads straight for it to get outside.

*She loves to sit in the swing. I pushed her in the swing for a good 15-20 minutes the other day.

*She loves putting any type of beads around her neck and wears them all around.

*She has discovered she likes the back of the stroller now instead of the front.

*She loves taking things off/on and in/out. She sat and put crayons in this little container for about 15 minutes one day.

*She loves being "big" like her brothers and sitting up to the table with them.

*She loves Pirate's Booty. If you haven't tried it, you should. A perfect snack for everyone. All natural, gluten and trans fat free, yummy!

*She has been loving her extra one-on-one time with Luke.

*Like Luke, she loves animals. Every animal she sees is a "doggie".

*She likes when her friend Ryan pushes her on her car.

*She loves her babies. I tell her to give her baby a hug and she does and pats the back. Maybe there is hope of her being a girlie-girl despite having two older brothers! Ha!

And most importantly, she loves her Mommy! And her Mommy loves her. She's usually too busy to stop and cuddle but I was able to catch this rare moment! :)


  1. She is so cute with those beads around her neck!! Alex was the same way that Sarah was about putting the crayons in and out of the box, but he would do it with rocks and a pail of water or the wading pool or the fountain in the park! Tirelessly! Cracked me up. That girl is growing up way too quickly! They all are. blessings ~ tanna

  2. She's growing up so fast!! What a cutie!

  3. I'm pretty sure that Sarah doesn't think she's one. No ma'am. She's the same age as her brothers in her mind. Don't try to slow her down or hold her back - she's just got too much to see and do to be told she's not big enough! LOL! Love that precious little firecracker of yours. She is taking life by storm and enjoying every single minute of it. Glad to see you're doing the same (and snatching up those fleeting moments of snuggle time when you can get them!). Love you, friend.

  4. I love it! Sarah reminds me SOOOOO much of Kaitlynn, it just cracks me up. I was reading your likes and dislikes and I think K is the same on every single one! It just cracks me up that these girls think they are big enough to do everything like their big brothers. It kinda makes me sad that they are growing up quicker than they need to. She and Kaitlynn are going to be a trip next time they get together. Should be interesting to see which one gets her way, haha!

    I just love the last pic of you and Sarah Bear. Probably my favorite one yet. Grab those cuddles while you can, Mama!!

  5. Awww...I love that girl! So full of personality. She's so fun to be around and her smile is just precious. I just can't wait to see what is in store for her next!