Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall activities

Jacob has recently started playing soccer again and is loving every minute of it. He is playing with the same boys as he did in the spring so it's been fun to watch the team improve as time goes on. They have played one game and get this, the game last weekend got rained out! Shocking, I know. We had a big storm move through Friday night and it left the fields too wet Saturday morning. A good problem to have if you ask me.

Go Pirates!

When I asked him what number he wanted on his jersey, he immediately said "ninety-nine". So, ninety-nine it is!

Jacob was thrilled that Grandma was able to attend his first game of the season.

I look forward to the day when Sarah understands "Stay behind the white line." Baby girl thought she had every right to be on that field. She wanted that ball! I had to chase her off many times!

If she wasn't walking onto the field, she was playing with the stroller (that she wouldn't sit in) ha!

And playing with the team snacks I brought.

On another note, Jacob's school had a pep rally Friday afternoon to boost excitement for Prosper's homecoming game that night. Nothing says Fall like a little Friday night football.

It really was SO loud that Luke and his little friend had to hold their ears.

Watching all the excitement.

We finally made our way over to Jacob and little Miss decided to walk through all the kids and go give Jacob a hug.

Then she backed herself up and sat right in his lap. He was so proud.

We also went out for the homecoming parade. Two words for this shindig...SMALL.TOWN! It was the cutest thing. I think the whole town of Prosper came out for this event. It was packed full of Prosper pride. It made us laugh.

The boys loved it for the simple fact that every float threw out candy. They had a blast filling their bags.

And let me just say, we have candy coming out of our ears. They each filled up a plastic sack full. You better believe we will be recycling this candy to hand out at Halloween. After we pick out our favorites, of course! (:


  1. When I saw all that candy I was totally thinking you should use some for Halloween and then I saw what you wrote. Great minds think alike! Looks like your fall is off to a great start with sports and small town fun!

  2. I'm liking Prosper very much!! LOL! Katherine, they are all so sweet to one another and so precious. Love that kiss! So glad your Mom got to see Jacob's first soccer game of the season! blessings ~ tanna

  3. Prosper pride, I love it! That is SO cute and so much fun for the kids. Sounds like it will be something to look forward to for years to come. And how cool is it that Jacob's school did a pep rally? That is really neat, especially to let the younger kids participate like the older ones. It reminded me of pep rallies back in HS, such a fun memory! By the way, Connor's school mascot is the Eagle, too. Cute!

    I just had to chuckle to see and read all about Miss Sarah's antics at the soccer game. Girl, I can relate! It sure is hard to enjoy the game and keep up with the action when you're trying to keep your busy toddler out of trouble! Last weekend for Connor's game, I brought 3 snacks, 2 drinks, a stroller, and her iTouch and Kaitlynn didn't want any of that...she wanted to get on the field with her brother. Typical!! Good luck to Jacob's team this season. Here's hoping for cooler fall weather soon!

  4. Prosper is starting the school pride at an early age - pep rallies, parades. Such fun, life in a small town. And your babies are soaking it right up it looks like.

    Jacob looks like he's hit a growth spurt. He's getting so tall! I hope he's enjoying his soccer games. Sarah looks like his number one cheerleader, behind Grandma that is. =)